Spicing Up The Time You Spend In Your Kitchen

For those of us who have families, work jobs, and need to keep up with everything else in life such as managing our chores and keeping as much social contact with friends as we can, things can sometimes get exhausting.

In order for our minds to avoid having to make thousands of new decisions every single day, it’s not uncommon for parts of our cognition to go into ‘autopilot’. Unfortunately, this means we can begin ignoring or missing out on that which makes life most colorful, especially when it comes to the little things.

For instance, it might feel that whenever you’re in your kitchen, you feel as though you’re cooking or packing lunches simply to do it, rather than as a celebration. Of course, packing your child’s lunchbox is hardly going to be a revelatory experience day after day, but if you feel continuously bored when cooking meals or as if you’re tired of your diet, it could be time to spice things up.

A little investment in time and money may help anyone revivify their hobbies or day-to-day activities. Even something as simple as re-orienting our living room can make the space feel brand new, for instance. Let’s consider how this might relate to your experience as a home cook…

Spicing Up The Time You Spend In Your Kitchen

Invest In A Few Wonderful Accessories

The tools and accessories we use in a kitchen will often determine the kinds of foods we eat most, the meals we enjoy creating, and even the cuisines we engage in more often. For instance, having a good rice cooker can make the rice cooking process so much more comfortable to deal with in the long term. Additionally, purchasing a set of cheese knives and a personalized cheese board can help you set up the perfect spread when watching movies with your partner on a Friday night. Have fun with your equipment; it’ll help you bring back the joy of cooking.

Have Fun & Plan For Joy

It’s always helpful to have fun when cooking, and planning for that is always key. For instance, baking with your little one at the weekend can help you enjoy cooking with texture and for sweet treats again, rather than only ever rotating the same meals because you have to. Or, inviting people around for a dinner or barbecue now that the weather is back on can help you enjoy being in your kitchen for pure recreation rather than work.

Sourcing Ingredients With Care

The hidden secret of cooking is that if you have fresh ingredients, you’re already half way to begin a great cook. This is why it can be nice to spend time sourcing quality ingredients you care for. Heading to a fish market in the morning may enable you to come back with something truly special, a fish you may wish to gut yourself or fillets that you can grill and add some renewed flavor to a meal you usually enjoy; like a fish pie, but this time, with better quality. This can be a treat you embark on once in a while instead of all the time, but you’ll truly notice a profound difference in your planning when you engage in it.

With this advice, you’re certain to spice up the time you spend in your kitchen and enjoy occupying that space again.


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  • I love to buy unique ingredients for cooking when I travel


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