SpillSeal® Washable Keyboard by Unotron – Review

  • Washable and Waterproof to IP66 and NEMA4X
    Sealed keys lets you wash and fully clean the keyboard.
nfp6 SpillSeal FULLY WASHABLE Keyboard   Perfect for Moms {Review}
  • Antibacterial Product Protection
    Is incorporated in the plastic providing a powerful broad-spectrum inorganic, silver-based biocide for antibacterial protection.
  • Easy to Disinfect
    Immerse in antibacterial solutions to reduce the spread of germs.
newspic germstopper SpillSeal FULLY WASHABLE Keyboard   Perfect for Moms {Review}
  • Meditech Magic Keyboard Option (S6000KMT-B or S6000KMT-G only)
    Built-in template for Meditech Applications, designed to work on Meditech’s own MAGIC system.
  • Touch Typing Keystroke
    All UNOTRON keyboards have a responsive touch typing experience without the stiffness of traditional rubber keyboards.
  • Detachable Wrist Support
    Ergonomic wrist support adds comfort for extended use and is easily removed when not required.
  • Easy Installation
    Plug and Play for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Mac with no extra software or complicated set up.
  • Package Content
    – SpillSeal® Protected Washable Antimicrobial Protected Keyboard
    – USB to PS/2 Adapter
    – Ergonomic Wrist Support
    – Installation / User Guide
  • System Requirements
    – IBM® PC or compatible
    – USB or PS/2 connection
    – Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Mac
My Review:
This keyboard is ALMOST too good to be true..
but it IS!
I don’t have children around all that often, since mine are grown,
and my kids and grand kids are spread across the country…
SpillSeal® Washable Keyboard by Unotron – Review

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