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Splashing The Cash On A Luxury Garden

Whenever we consider renovating our homes, we tend to look at our interiors rather than what’s on the outside. You might have the most incredible set of kitchen units, granite worktops, modern integrated appliances, superb retro furniture, great decor and a wonderful light and airy feel to your pad but look outside and you might be the owner of an overgrown jungle. Even if you aren’t green fingered, there’s no excuse not to maintain the outside area of your humble abode. If you find yourself with some extra cash to splash, forget about your home decor for a little while and head outdoors to revolutionize your garden. Take a look at these luxury ideas for your external living area.

Al Fresco DiningSplashing The Cash On A Luxury Garden

If you love nothing more than hosting a dinner party or two every month, you’re a whizz in the kitchen and you love entertaining friends and family, then why not create an outside dining area. Consider some luxury tiered decking, an external barbecue and a covered patio space to entertain your guests outdoors. When the evenings are balmy, and the sun is still shining, who wants to be cooped up indoors? Head outside and give your guests an al fresco dining experience. Garden furniture ranges from the white plastic to the luxury vintage inspired metal and wood, so you have plenty of choice. With the rest of your garden looking well coiffed, this could be the perfect setting for a summer barbecue or themed dinner party.

Swimming Pool

If your garden is flat, has the square footage, and you live in a climate that will allow such luxury, you might be keen to investigate swimming pools. The height of decadence, an outdoor swimming pool is perfect for those days where the heat is sweltering, and you want to cool off. Swimming pools are also great at distracting your brood from their smartphones and tablet screens. Getting them outdoors and active can be a battle for any parent, but with a swimming pool in your armory, you can be triumphant. Ensure that you install some pool shade sails to protect against the midday sun, clean your pool regularly and keep it well maintained, and you could have a touch of luxury in your outdoor space.

Water Feature

If the idea of a swimming pool is a little out of reach, a water feature might not be. Waterfall inspired fountains, orb like illusion structures and traditional ponds can add a bit of class and interest to your garden. The sound of running water can be relaxing and can help you to de-stress at the end of a long day. You could head outside with a good book, lay in your hammock or sit on your hanging egg chair, sipping your favorite tipple and enjoying the dulcet sounds of your water feature.

Getting to grips with your garden doesn’t mean getting all horticultural. It means becoming inspired to enjoy your outside space a little more and making it fit for purpose for your entire family.

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