Standzout – The Perfect Stand for Your iPad!

I was so excited when I received by Standzout -which really is  The perfect stand for your iPad!

StandzoutThis is the handy dandiest.

Ever need your iPad while working on your computer, or maybe when you are in the kitchen working on a recipe?

Need to have your iPad at just the right height and angle, so that you can use it “hands – free”?

This is where Standzout comes in.

Info direct from the company: is your source for the best iPad and tablet stands and accessories on the market. Standzfree, our hands-free iPad floor stand, was the first of its kind available, debuting at Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011 as the iProp. The initial response was overwhelming, and we began production soon afterward.

The Standzfree iPad Floor Stand is compatible with all versions of the Apple iPad – the original iPad, the iPad 2, the new iPad (3rd gen.) and 4th generation. The flexible gooseneck arm provides a wide-range of movement that is unmatched by any other iPad stand on the market. You can use your iPad at nearly every angle or position imaginable with a stand that swivels, tilts and rotates 360 degrees. This flexible iPad stand can be up to 48″ high and allows you to adjust to the perfect angle, all while holding your tablet firmly in place.

Throughout 2012, as other tablets entered the market, the need continued to grow for a tablet holder that would work universally with any tablet, and would not require you to remove your iPad from its case to mount it. Late in 2012, Standzout developed a solution to meet these needs with our patent pending Universal Tablet Holder. It is the most functional, sleek and useful holder in the market, and its development gave way to three new Standzout products that are redefining the way you use your iPad or tablet: the Standzfree Universal Tablet Floor Stand, Surmount Universal Tablet Mounting Clamp and the Wallmate Universal Tablet Wall Mount .

I use my Standzout while at my computer or working on crafts at my desk.

Standzout 1
My Standzout at my desk – I use it while crafting and working on the computer.

But my favorite place to use my Standzout is here:

Standzout 2
I use my Standzout while on “stacation”. I can spend hours soaking in my tub and I love to watch movies while I enjoy my “ME TIME”.

Yep – I use it while I’m soaking in the tub.  It keeps my iPad safely away from the water, but at the perfect height to watch movies on Netflix!

Although the Standzout is advertised to hold iPads and other similar sized tablets, I find that my Kindel Fire (with case on) fits very well, so it’s dual functional for me.  I can use it with my iPad 2 and my Kindel Fire. And if Santa is really good to me, I’ll be using it with an iPad Air. For a more perfect fit, Standzout has a universal holder that can be purchased…they also have wall mounts, and items can be purchase separately or in a “bundle”.

Watch the video below, for more insight.

If you are looking for a gift for the hard to buy for person on your holiday shopping list, you might really want to consider picking up a Standzout – AND – right now they have a special where you can buy one and get a second at 50% off.  So, treat yourself!



Standzout – The Perfect Stand for Your iPad!

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  1. This is just what I have been looking for for my workout!! Watching videos makes the workout go faster but I don’t like the iPad shaking around.

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