Staying Sober: 5 Common Reasons Why People Fail

While some people approach sobriety with little thought, others find the path arduous to transverse. Some drinkers cut down on their drinking or stop entirely without professional help, while others try to get sober time and again, failing many times along the way.

People often develop a drinking problem because of social drinking. Alcoholism rates are rising in the United States. Some people become so addicted to alcohol that they need residential treatment to become sober.

Five Common Reasons People Fail at Becoming Sober

Getting sober presents many challenges that can prevent people from reaching their goals. Alcohol is highly addictive and is a way for many people to numb the pain in their lives. The following are five reasons a person might fail when they try to become sober without professional intervention.

The Person Has Not Committed to Sobriety Fully

One of the most common reasons people fail at sobriety is a lack of commitment. Alcoholics must know they have a problem and need to stop drinking for their health and mental well-being. Sobriety requires a cessation of drinking permanently, no matter the occasion. People may have to make lifestyle changes to stay away from their addiction.

There Is No Support Network

Another reason for failure is a lack of support. Alcoholism is a disease, and sufferers need adequate support to ensure they do not fail. People need friends and family they can reach out to in support when tempted to drink. The extra support can help boost a person’s ability to reach sobriety.

Dysfunctional Environments

Addicts who live among addicts are going to find it challenging to become sober. The type of environment one lives in can either be conducive to sobriety or cause one to turn to drinking. Alcoholics need a stress-free and supportive environment to ensure they can approach sobriety in a healthy way.

They Lack Knowledge

Some people cannot stop drinking because they simply do not know how. Individuals often develop withdrawal symptoms they do not know how to handle. Once a person stops drinking, they may not understand how they can stay sober for life. Those without knowledge are more likely to fail than those who educate themselves on the matter first.

They Do Not Realize They Are Addicted

One of the most significant problems facing alcoholics is they do not realize they have an addiction. Denial keeps people from getting the help they need to become sober. Friends and family often notice an addict’s problems before the addict. When faced head-on with their addiction, alcoholics may argue and become angry. Being able to recognize their addiction is the first step toward sobriety.

Get Professional Help

Most people cannot withdraw from alcohol alone. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and require medical intervention. Reaching out for alcohol addiction help is a first step that is not always easy to take. People become fearful of what others will think of them and worry they cannot become sober.

Anyone can become sober with the right mindset and professional help. First, the individual needs to go through detox to face therapy with a clear mind. Now is the time to stop the cycle of alcohol abuse and get help to overcome it. There are many treatment options available to help addicts and their families break the cycle and find true relief.


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