Going Green with the Grizls

3 things you are proud of about your personality.

I try to be kind to others, and to be as giving as possible.

I have a gift with animals.  They seem to understand that I will be gentle with them, and give them love and care. Unfortunately, I am drawn to animals with issues…or so my husband says. The crazier and more needy (emotionally and physically – medical problems, etc.) they are, the more I have to have them.

Hmmm – what shall number 3 be? How ’bout, that I managed to raise 10 kids, and didn’t “snatch a one of them bald headed”?  Does that count as a personality trait – let’s call it patience!

Summer Blog Challenge – Day 17

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0 thoughts on “Summer Blog Challenge – Day 17

  1. I have the same “problem” with animals. I’m a sucker for all the sickly weak ones. We’ve ended up with sooo many animals because I always take in the strays,and out here in the country there tend to be a lot of stray dogs! And they’re usually in pretty bad health.

  2. I also have that problem with animals. I want to take home all the ill or ones that have suffered trauma.

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