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Sun Kissed Foods From Bella Sun Luci

Disclaimer: Products were received from Bella Sun Luci for the purpose of this review. NO monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions stated are those of the writer.

It’s not hard to get me excited about food, but I just love, love, love it when it’s quality foods! With Bella Sun Luci you can give your entrees that extra panache it needs to look and taste like an expensive meal! Bella Sun Luci can provide you with all of your favorite traditional tomato based Italian recipes, and then some.

Having grown up in an Asian run household, I always had rice available throughout the week and never tire of eating it! So, naturally I tend to gravitate towards dishes that include rice in them! Give your main course more bang for your buck by serving it up with a side of Bella Sun Luci’s Cranberry Almond Risotto. Honestly until this product I had never even heard of a risotto- but it did take me to a pleasant place of sweet nostalgia when scooping into this well seasoned, creamy dish! The similarities risotto shares with the rice porridge I was familiar with in my childhood stopped at the rice and texture, and the rest was delicious enough to make room for new memories.

Now apparently it’s traditional that risotto is cooked slowly with meat or vegetable stock in 3:1 portions (three cups stock to every one cup of risotto), and thankfully Bella Sun Luci’s risotto is prepared without seasoning, so the amount of sodium going into your dish is completely under your control! Then the risotto would typically be seasoned after it is cooked with salt and/or parmesan for taste. The cranberries, almonds, red and green onion certainly enhanced the dish and made for good balance in surprising your taste buds with the right amount of sweet tartness from the cranberries, and the earthy bite from  almonds. Definitely a new favorite for sure!

Now, I artichoke someone for not telling me about this sauce! That’s right, Bella Sun Luci provides us with their very own Artichoke Pasta Sauce… I LOVE artichokes!! And what a perfect ingredient to add with your spaghetti or, as their website would suggest, lasagna!

Of course they are great for cooking with and tossing into salads, but right out of the resealable pouch, the Sun Died tomatoes are also great for snacking.  Full of flavor and SO much better for you than most quick snacks!


Then, for something new and exciting, Bella Sun Luci also let us try out their Korean BBQ Meat Marinade. Definitely not a product you would expect from a primarily Italian dish line, but it is always nice to see companies expanding their options for their clientele! This marinade certainly exceeded expectations and I have a particular chef in mind that I would love to find a bottle or two of this marinade in his stocking this year!

In fact if anyone has their very own chef at home that isn’t already using Bella Sun Luci products, any one of these would make for a fun and unexpected stocking stuffer this year (lol). If not for someone else, then I would undoubtedly suggest that you get it for YOU, my Dears, treat your taste buds!

About Bella Sun Luci

Built on a foundation of family values, quality, and integrity, since 1987 Mooney Farms has grown into the largest producer of Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil in the U.S. Visit our website to see all of our delicious Mediterranean kitchen staples.

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2 thoughts on “Sun Kissed Foods From Bella Sun Luci

  • These are great items to keep in the pantry for quick meals. They look delicious.

  • I would never have thought of using “risotto,” “cranberry” and “almond” together in a sentence – until now! And I never want to stop!


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