Telehealth: Beating Covid with Digital Healthcare

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world, with more than 1 million fatalities and one weapon we are using to combat Covid-19 is telehealth. This involves medical professionals offering their services via a video call, using voice over IP technology, which is often enough for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is audio and video transmitted via the Internet, rather than along a telephone line; examples of platforms that use VoIP technology include Skype, Zoom and Facebook video calls. The application connects remotely located people through audio and video in real time and all the patient needs is a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

General Practitioners

Many GPs in Australia now offer virtual consultations, which eliminates human contact and, in most cases, this is enough for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right medication. If you are registered with a local doctor, the chances are you can book a virtual consultation and when the time comes, you will receive an online invitation to join the GP in a video call.

Aside from general practitioners, according to this dentist in Lafayette, more dentists are now offering teledentistry.

Mental Health Counselling and Psychology

If, for any reason, you are feeling stressed, book an online consultation with medical professionals at Peaceful Mind Psychology Clinic in Melbourne, who offer therapy for many conditions, including depression and disorders of any kind. Some people have lost their source of income due to Covid-19 and this can have a serious impact on a person’s well-being and if this is combined with a lockdown, a person needs to have someone to talk to.

Substance Abuse

We all react differently to external pressure and for some, the escape of substances is their chosen path, which might provide temporary relief, but when you come down from the high, your problems are still there, right in front of you, yet you now have an additional problem; the addiction.

Relationship Issues

The lockdowns result in spending all of your time with your partner, which can become too much and conflicts arise. It is at times like these when we need to talk with a relationship counsellor and with VoIP platforms, you have access to marriage guidance counsellors and psychologists in a virtual environment. Here are a few things your iPhone can do that you probably didn’t know.

Virtual Fitness

A new sector has emerged from Covid, namely the online fitness classes, where the instructor is remotely located and all gyms, fitness centers and yoga studios are offering virtual classes. You can even hire a virtual personal trainer, who will be with you evert step of the way as you complete your grueling workout routine.

In Australia, we acted quickly and handled the pandemic in a responsible way, which limited the impact and number of infections. Due to our efficient Internet, we have embraced tele-healthcare and it is an essential weapon to defeat Covid-19 and when the pandemic is over, we will still be using the Internet to provide healthcare.


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