What are the Side Effects of Taking Biotin Pills?

The vitamin B family has 8 members; one of them is biotin. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that also known as vitamin H. It is widely used as a supplement for people who have hair problems like hair loss and hair thinning.

It has many functions in the body such as conversion of the macro-nutrients into energy, keeping healthy skin and nails, and lowering blood sugar level.

Taking biotin has two different ways; biotin foods or biotin supplements. Biotin foods are better than biotin supplements because their biotin is better absorbed and used by the body. This article will tell you more about biotin-rich foods.

Everyone wants to get the best hair growth serum without experiencing any possible side effects. Well, the side effects are rare but some unusual effects appear sometimes. Check what Mayo Clinic says about the side effects of biotin from here.

So what are the possible side effects that may affect some people while taking biotin pills?

1. Acne
Taking large doses of biotin over a long period of time may cause facial acne. The production of sebum increases by the usage of biotin which will subsequently lead to accumulation of dirt and ruptures. When you stop using biotin, the acne disappears gradually after a few weeks. Take less than 2500 mcg per day of biotin supplements and drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of acne.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Biotin Pills?

2. Allergic Reactions
Some allergic reactions may happen due to the usage of biotin supplements. Allergies due to the usage of biotin are rare but some cases were reported. The cases reported were nausea, throat and face swelling, rashes, tightness, and chest pain. Consult your doctor if you suffered from any kind of symptoms during taking biotin supplements.

3. During Pregnancy
Biotin effects during pregnancy are extremely dangerous. High doses of biotin may lead to miscarriage. There are no studies that prove that but if you are pregnant and you want to take biotin supplements to avoid hair loss problems that happen during pregnancy and help your fetus to develop, it is better to consult a doctor first. Don’t take more than the dose that you doctor will recommend.

4. Urination and Sweating
High doses of biotin are associated with increase the frequency of urination above normal. The body tends to get rid of high amount of its water with the consumption of high doses of biotin; that is why there may be high amount of sweating too.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Biotin Pills?

5. GIT Problems
Some people reported that they suffer from some stomach problems such as stomach ache, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and gases when they take biotin supplements. If you suffered from such symptoms, stop taking biotin supplements and consult your doctor immediately.

6. Nausea
Some people said that they had mild nausea when they started taking biotin supplements but after a while, this nausea disappears.

7. Increasing Blood Glucose Level
At a certain level of biotin dosage, the blood glucose level decreases but when the level of biotin increases significantly, it enhances the production of glucose and fatty acids which subsequently leads to increase the blood glucose level. Consult your doctor before taking biotin especially if you have diabetes to avoid exceeding the limit of biotin intake.

8. Drug Interactions
Biotin should not be taken with anti-seizure and cholesterol-lowering medicines as it decrease their effects.

9. Pericardial Effusion
A case of severe pericardial effusion was reported of a woman taking biotin pills. Pleural effusion means air and blood in the pleural cavity around the lung compressing it which is life-threatening.

10. Respiratory Problems
Some people suffered from acute respiratory problems. Stop taking biotin immediately if you noticed any symptom of respiratory distress and consult your doctor.
Read more about biotin and its side effects from here.

So what are the precautions that should be taken while taking biotin?

1. Drink water regularly to get rid of any extra amounts of biotin in your body.
2. Alcohol and smoking dehydrate the body so you will lose many essential elements including biotin.
3. Don’t start taking biotin with a high dose; start with a low dose then increase your intake gradually.
4. Take biotin after meals only. Don’t take it on an empty stomach.
5. Eat biotin-rich foods along with the supplements.
6. Don’t depend on multivitamins supplements to provide you with biotin; it is better to take biotin supplements.
7. If you suffered from any kind of unusual effects, consult your doctor immediately!

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  • This site is helpfull for latest update about health issues. i really like this article. Thanks to share with us.


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