The Best 5 Accessories for Your iPhone

Getting a new phone is very exciting, but one thing that might be even more exciting is getting all the fun and unique accessories for that phone. We use our phones every day, and getting new accessories makes the phone exciting and fun to use even after the joy of the new phone burns out.

The world of accessories is wild and seems endless, but we narrowed the list to the 5 best accessories that will improve your iPhone game. They will keep you wondering how you have been living without them!

Apple AirTags: Keep Your Items Safe

This new Apple accessory will not only improve your iPhone game but your life quality. We all have those moments when we cannot locate those keys that we just had in our hands or that wallet is trying to run away from us when we need to run to the shop. No worries, sync an Apple AirTag with your iPhone and attach it to the items you lose the most, and you will never need to worry about playing the game of hide-and-seek. Marco Polo is a better one, especially when your items respond to you.

Burga Tough Case

Having a new phone is an excellent feel, but you become used to that after a couple of weeks. Go on and freshen the look of your iPhone with a protective and stylish phone case. At Burga, you will be able to choose from 100+ fashionable designs that were created to look and feel luxurious. But pretty is not the only thing they can offer. Dual-layer protection of the tough cases provides shock-proof protection that will keep your phone safe when gravity becomes way too strong.

Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack

Apple going all wireless is all cool, innovative, and all, but here you are stuck with the headphones you paid quite a lot and swear by their sound quality. Indeed, buying wireless headphones seems to be the option, but you already paid for this phone, and spending another couple of hundred is not what you want to do. Thus, get yourself that headphone jack adapter and enjoy living that wired life once again – don’t sacrifice your love for the items you already have!

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Turn your iPhone into an instant camera. With the portable photo printer, you can print every picture from your phone gallery. With your phone, you can take all those pictures without running out of films. You will always know how the image is coming out, no more of those closed eyes. By the way, you can make multiple copies of the same photo! Make the memories last in just a few seconds.

Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable

Even when iPhone comes with a charging cable, which the newer models no longer have, it is not built to last. The connecting parts become loose, wires are exposed, and you need to learn some strange technique of cable bending to find the one position in which your phone starts charging. The Nomad Kevlar cables are reinforced with a double-braided Kevlar outer sheath and metal alloy connector housings. No more learning those bending techniques. This cable is all for that heavy use.



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  • These are great ideas. The HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer sounds nice!


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