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4 Interesting Ways To Use Your Photo Collection In The Home

Whether or not you want to accept the inexorable flow of time, it’s been almost 25 years since the first smart phone hit the market. Over that time, the number of photos we all take on a yearly basis has risen at an exponential rate – last year, despite the pandemic stopping many holidays and meals out, we still managed to snap over 1.12 trillion photos. That’s almost 150 per person – quite impressive! Unfortunately, despite this cornucopia of fantastic images available to everyone, we still often struggle to think of how to utilize them properly. That’s where we come in.

This article will help you understand 4 interesting ways to use your photo collection in the home.

1: The Classic: Photo Canvasses

Over the last few years, canvas prints of photos have become more and more popular, and for good reason. If you have a photo that really inspires you then put on a high-quality canvas and hang it on a wall to give your house a true “lived-in” feeling. The best photos for this are ones with your loved ones (whether friends, family, or your beloved pet) or in a phenomenal location. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a photo that you have a particular connection with, and one that really pops with color, because it’ll be hard to miss!

2: Photo Album For The Coffee Table

You’ll be surprised at the extent to a large photo album left out on your living room coffee table can spark deep conversation. Any guest that takes a seat on one of your sofas will almost certainly pick up the book and have a look through, which will give them plenty of questions regarding the events and images you’ve filled the book with. We recommend making sure that you look for a photobook that allows you to put a photo on the cover to draw people in, and that added level of customization allows you to choose a unifying image that brings the theme of the book together. Along with traditional holiday photo albums and wedding photo albums, consider simply putting together images of the times you’ve spent with loved one as your theme. Whatever you choose, we’re sure your new statement piece will get conversation flowing in no time at all.

3: Have Morning Coffee With Loved Ones

Recently, it was suggested to me that one great use for our photos is as decoration for everyday objects around the home. For me, this meant putting them on the mugs from which I drink my morning coffee. After painstakingly picking the best photo of myself with my brother, I now have a way of having a cup of joe with him each morning, no matter how far away he is. Whilst a mug might not be the best option for you, consider ways in which you can ensure that images of the people you love greet you as you make your way around your home.

4: Photo Gifts For Friends & Family

Of course, if you’re absolutely positive that your home can’t improve any further, perhaps a good idea would be to think about who amongst your friends and family would like a photo of yourself to brighten their house. There are few people who wouldn’t love to receive a beautiful photo of themselves with their best friend for Christmas, let alone a photo that’s been printed onto a canvas to hang up in their home. And considering the holiday season is just around the corner already, there’s no harm in keeping these photo tips in mind when time comes to buy those gifts.

4 Interesting Ways To Use Your Photo Collection In The Home

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