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The Best Ways You Can Save Money On Your Energy Bills: Exposed

We can all get a little complacent with our bills. Especially the ones we feel we don’t got much control over. We can be guilty of placing our focus on what we have left after all of the bills have left our account, instead of placing some focus on what we are actually spending to boost that disposable income. 

Sure, we can save on the food we purchase by meal planning and writing lists, and yes we can refrain from ordering takeout food and resist the temptation of buying too many clothes. But actually we have more control over our bills than we realize and one of the biggest is our energy and water bills. Don’t worry if you weren’t aware of this, you are not alone. With that in mind, here are some of the most innovative ways you can reduce what you spend on your energy usage. Perhaps boosting your income to be put towards those other luxuries we all deserve in life. 

Switch appliances off at the wall

Do you switch the television off with the remote and leave it on standby? Perhaps you let your Macbook or computer “sleep” instead of shutting down completely? These things and other habits can actually be using up energy, even when you think they are off. Even leaving an appliance plugged in with the switch on can be using energy. It may sound like common sense, but switching something off completely and even the switch off on the wall can actually save you on your energy usage. Do this for a while and overtime you will see a reduction in the amount of energy you use, subsequently costing you less overall. 

Ensure you don’t leave lights on in rooms you are not using

I think all of us can be guilty of leaving a light on somewhere or in a room we are not using. But this can really increase your energy bills. Children can be the world’s worst for things like this but even as adults we can often have other things on our mind and simply forget to do this small act. Try and develop a habit of switching things off as you leave a room. Again over time, this could add to a reduction in your energy usage. 

Don’t waste water

We can waste water without even realizing it. Switching the shower on and letting it run while we do other things like take our makeup off and get ourselves undressed. Filling the bath up high only to find the water is too hot, so we let some go down the drain. Simple things like that can build up over time and can be quite costly on your water bill. 

Collect rainwater

We also use water for things like watering our garden, cleaning cars and general cleaning duties outside. While you may want fresh water when it comes to your windows, you don’t need to be so picky when it comes to the water you use to feed your garden and plants. This is when collecting rainwater can come in handy and save you a fair bit. The water that can be wasted through a hose pipe is a quite a bit, as it comes out with some force. So save yourself the hefty hike in the summer and use a watering can and rain water instead. 

Switch energy provider and make sure you are on the cheapest tariff

Some of us let the direct debit leave our account for our energy usage and give little or no thought to it. But the chances are you are paying more than you should be for that energy. This is when checking comparisons and calling up other providers could amount to a huge savings on your monthly or quarterly bill. Often energy providers save their best deals and rates for new customers to entice them in, but that doesn’t mean you can switch and get the saving yourself. People assume that it is a lengthy process, but many companies take care of the change for you. 

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Make your home energy efficient generally

A great tip would be to ensure that your windows and doors are up to date and energy efficient, heat can escape through older panes and could be the reason why your heating bill is so high. The same can be said for insulation, as heat rises, if you don’t have the proper insulation in your roof, it could be escaping as quick as it is heating your home. This is when the investment of attic insulation could be worthwhile for your home. It could help to keep the heat in and avoid you cranking up the thermostat. 

Lower your heating thermostat by a few degrees

Do we really need our heating on high every time it is on? The chances are you won’t notice it if you lowered the temperature of a few degrees, but this small act could save you a fortune in your energy usage. Cranking the heat up every time it is switched on uses more energy than keeping it a stable temperature for a period of time. Maybe you could change the way you heat your home. 

Don’t have the heating on when you are not at home

On a side note when it comes to your heating a great tip is to use the timer on your thermostat. This means that your home will only come on at the time you set it to. There is no point wasting energy when no one is home. Just set it to come on an hour before you are due to be home and your house or flat should be lovely and toasty warm. Also, make sure you change this during the summer, so you are not using the energy you don’t need. 

Consider solar panels to be more energy efficient

Solar panels are something that is becoming more popular, and it is a great way to save money on your energy bills. The solar energy can heat your water and home, be a source of electricity as well as provide energy to light your home. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to save money on your energy bills. 

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