The Dangers Within: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Purify the Water Before Drinking It

Water from cities is usually treated to help decrease contaminants, bacteria, and pollutants that may appear in the water. However, water is still prone to have contaminants enter through water streams by accident. With this, it is important to protect yourself and purify your water. The purification process helps dispose of any contaminants that may be remaining and wash out any bacteria that can become fatal when consumed. Here are 5 reasons by you should purify your water before drinking it.

  1. Lower bacteria and toxin levels

It is proven that e-coli, chlorine, pollutants and other bacterias are visible in unprocessed water that can cause serious illness when exposed, especially towards children and pregnant women. If large enough amount of contaminated water is digested on a regular basis, it can cause nausea and, for babies and children, lead to possible growth irregularities. Instead, filter water can help boost a child’s immune system so by purifying your water, it’ll help in disposing bacteria and lowering toxin levels so that water is safer to drink.

  1. Helps the environment and your pocket

The method of purifying water can not only help you financially but also, in turn, contribute to a healthier environment. Instead of buying bottled water, filtering your water can help you save money and also conserve your use of plastic. Plastic causes harm to our oceans and the water bottling process isn’t any better either. The process of making water bottles leaves a huge carbon footprint, releasing over two million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere yearly. Filter water is easy to set up. You can install it right into your kitchen system from professionals such as Filtap, check out the the Filtap site here, where you can access clean water twenty-four hours every day.

  1. Water tastes better

This seems like an easy enough reason. Purifying your water will make it taste better. Most times, the water that comes out of the tap is laced with chlorine, that gives a certain acidic and moldy smell and taste. Filtering your water will keep those chemicals at bay and give your water a much cleaner taste.

  1. Healthier lifestyle

Clean water is absorbed quicker than unfiltered water with fewer carbohydrates and sugars as well. Studies show that clean water can help increase metabolism and provide more energy, which is great for maintaining weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. Experts recommend eight glasses of water a day for balanced health. However, there are several factors that can influence your optimal daily water intake.

  1. Convenience

By installing filter water right in your kitchen, it’ll make your life more convenient. You will save time from boiling water, buying bottled water and making sure you have enough clean water for the week. Instead, you will have purified water right at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Water is essential to human life. It is our life source so we should treat it as so. It is important that we understand what we put into our bodies, water is one of those things. So what are you waiting for? Get your water filter today and start drinking clean water tomorrow.

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