Training at the gym doesn’t interest you. You prefer to exercise in the great outdoors. You’d rather challenge your body by making your way up a mountain-side, than by burning calories on a treadmill.

If you consider yourself to be a hiking enthusiast, you need to invest in reliable shoes and boots. When you’re looking to shop for a new pair, think about choosing some from these excellent brands.


APEX Foot Health is one of the top brands making orthotic footwear, so their designs focus heavily on their customers’ need for protection and comfort. Options like the Sierra Trail Runner or the Ariya Hiking Boot are especially good for the demands of hiking.

The brand is incredibly accommodating to a variety of foot conditions and difficulties so that no one feels left out of the hobby.


If you like a long casual hike where you can stop and enjoy the view, then pick up MEPHISTO Canada outdoor boots with GORE-TEX membranes for your next trip. The brand uses patented soft-air technology to protect sensitive feet and save their customers from joint pain.


A big pile of snow isn’t going to stop you from practicing your hobby, so you need footwear that can handle the cold. Sorel has plenty of temperature-rated boots that can keep your feet protected from the chill. For instance, their original Caribou boot has waterproof-construction and meticulous seam sealing to help you walk trails at temperatures as low -40° Celsius.


As an avid hiker, you have to make sure that all of your shoes protect your feet. If you wear well-made hiking boots during your weekend expeditions, but terrible shoes every other day, you are sabotaging your workout. For instance, flip-flops are bad for your feet because their flat soles offer no arch support and they ruin your gait.

On the other hand, all Birkenstock sandals have specialized footbeds that are designed for proper arch support and long-term comfort. They have features like shock-absorbing soles, raised toe bars and deep heel cups for additional padding. So, toss out your flip-flops and get a pair of these sandals.

The Top Shoe Brands for Hiking Enthusiasts

All four of these brands are available at the Feet First Clinic. The clinic offers an incredible selection of orthopedic footwear and custom orthotics so that customers get the necessary support, stability and comfort that they need. Their shoes can help with any scenario, whether you’re blazing a trail through a national park or getting through your day at the office.

The clinic understands the importance of taking care of your feet whether that’s with appropriate footwear or with attentive maintenance. Explore their website to find effective advice for foot care that anyone can follow.

A lousy pair of shoes will raise your risk of injury and pain when you’re hiking. These problems go beyond sore feet — you can get plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and more. Investing in high-quality shoes will make sure you have a smooth experience whenever you hit the off beaten path.


The Top Shoe Brands for Hiking Enthusiasts

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