Win an eReader from IREX Technologies!
Boy did this post catch my eye.  BBAW has a great contest going on.
What do you have to do to be entered?  
Write a post on what you want in an eReader.
I’m so technologically challenged – I don’t understand a fraction of what is talked about theses days.
It took me months to get comfortable with  my Blackberry
(and I still can’t find my pictures in it).
For the longest time, I thought that Mr. Linky was some kind of toy. I have a Twitter account, but can’t for the life of me, figure out how to use it,
and I still don’t know what the difference is, between a laptop and a notebook.
So… what I need is something that is EASY to use!
Plain and Simple.
Well…maybe not just easy to use.
I’m no spring chicken.  I would need a screen large enough to see.
But, it’s got to be lightweight enough to hold for long periods of time.
Affordability would be another big factor.
I would want to be able to keep any books that I’ve downloaded?  Uploaded? 
Whatever it is that I would have to do, to get the books into/on to the reader.
I would want a choice, as to where I could purchase my books.
 I would want a really good warranty, and the option to purchase an extended 
“all things covered” extended warranty, 
because I’m all thumbs, and drop stuff all the time!
Ooooooooh – and tech support – that would be a big plus.
Is this too much to ask?  Maybe? Maybe not.
But it’s getting me an entry into the contest.  LOL
Now – would somebody please come help me figure out how to Twitter?
To eRead or not to eRead that is that the question?

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0 thoughts on “To eRead or not to eRead that is that the question?

  1. I'm totally in love with my Kindle…but we know that already don't we. I'm not shy about it. I can down load book where ever when ever and I never get eye fatigue! I love my KINDLE!!!!!

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