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Libby’s Library Welcomes You to the Touch Brewer Prize Pack Giveaway!


The Giveaway is Sponsored By Touch Beverages


Hosted By AOTMH and Life With 5 Monkies

Yesterday we celebrated National Coffee Day talking about the miracle that is the Touch Brewer! Today we bring you a very special giveaway! Maria from AOTMH and Brandi from Life with 5 Monkies have partnered up for this awesome prize pack! On October 21, 2015, we will be choosing not 1 but 2 winners! Each winner will receive a Touch T414S Brewer and 3 boxes of L.A. Coffee! Combined the ARV of this giveaway is $554!! Holy Smokes right?! Here’s a quick refresher on what the T414S brewer is:

Touch Single Serve Brewer T414S


• Compatible with all old and new K-Cup® packs plus our XBold and XLarge Cups • Brews bigger and stronger coffee • Ready to brew within 20 seconds • Heats coffee to 200°F • 90 oz. water reservoir • Adjustable cup sizes from 6 to 14 oz. • *Customize your strength setting to Mild, Medium or Bold • Uses any brand of K-Cup® packs and compatible with other cups. • Warms up in less than 20 seconds from a cold start • Brews piping hot coffee at an optimal temperature of 200°F • Customizes strength to your taste with Mild, Medium and Bold settings • Makes more fresh coffee with a generous 90oz. reservoir • Consumes under $3.00 per year in energy costs to make 3 cups of coffee per day

Compared to most K-Cups®, which only fit up to 12.5 grams of coffee, XBold Cups™ pack up to 15 grams of coffee and XLarge Cups™ provide up to 18 grams of coffee. Flavor Grooves swirl the coffee grinds to release bold aromas and flavors. The T414S is also compatible with the Touch Refill Jumbo Cup™, which packs up to 40 grams of your favorite coffee grounds—ideal for filling a carafe or large travel mug. I hope that you’ll follow the link to the read the full review.   And now for the fun part! Fill out the form below to be entered for a chance to win this package! Remember there will be 2 winners so your chances are high! Wishing all of my readers the Best of Luck!  

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