Turtle Tales

I’m happy to bring you some new Turtle Tales.

I felt like my little turtle needed a better habitat, so we sprung for an aquatic tank. It took him a few hours to get used to his new environment, but now he’s loving it!

Turtle Tales 1
Our new aquatic tank.

He has plenty of room to swim, places to explore and hide, along with plants to nibble on.

Turtle Tales 2
He has lots of room to swim.

He can crawl out of the water and bask in the light on top of his climbing rock.

Turtle Tales 3
Basking on his “rock”.

Sorry that the photo above is blurry.  He gets camera shy when he’s out of the water.  Every time I grab my camera he starts swimming.  I had to take this pic from across the room, and even with a great lens, it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. Maybe as time goes on, he’ll get more brave, and I’ll be able to get a better photo of him sunbathing.

I think that he needs a friend or two, but when I went to purchase a couple of mates for him, I found out that the pet store can’t sell turtles that are less than 4″ across.  Since I was told that any additions needed to be approximately the same size as my little guy, I didn’t get any.  I’ll just have to wait a week or so, until my grand daughter gets back.  She and her buddies will get me a few more turtles from a friends back yard ditch.  Ahhhh to be young and carefree and not give a fig about getting mud on your shoes!

If you are interested in getting aquatic turtles for your family, be sure to think long and hard before you take the plunge.  Turtles can live a long time, so it’s a commitment for the long haul. They are pretty easy to maintain, but their tank will need a good filter and regular cleaning.  About 10 – 20% of the water needs to be removed and replaced each week.  They need to be fed a commercial made turtle food, with occasional treats.  I give my little guy de-hydrated crickets.  I dip the crickets in a ultrafine powdered reptile calcium supplement. Of course, your turtles will need warmth, so a heat lamp is necessary, and they need to be able to have a place to dry off – thus the basking rock.  As your turtle(s) grow, you’ll need to get larger tanks, but they grow slowly, so that isn’t that big of a deal. You can treat their water with a chlorine remover, or simply fill a clean bucket with tap water and let sit for 24 hours before adding to the tank.

You can easily find books on aquatic turtles, and there are lots of YouTube videos on setting up an aquatic turtle habitat and on turtle care.

I get so much pleasure watching my turtle…I find it very relaxing.

Now, he (or she – I haven’t yet figured out how to sex it) needs a name.  Any suggestions?


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  • That is great. It must have been exciting for the little turtle to have a new living environment.


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