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0 thoughts on “Two New Clips – BRAVE

  1. I saw this movie last night with my friend and her kids. Everyone just loved it. Even the 5 year old, despite being really scared during the fighting bear scenes.

  2. I took the kids to see this the other day and it was a cute movie. It’s the first Disney movie I recall where the princess didn’t end up with a prince! That’s totally ok too! lol
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  3. I STILL haven’t seen Brave and it was even up for an Oscar (or two?). I’ll have to see if it a rental option on cable…

  4. ah i keep meaning to watch this movie, and then it slips my mind, looks likes a really cute movie and now i want to see it even more

  5. The best part about this movie was that the princess saved herself… without needing a prince. 🙂 That’s very much required in fairy tales.

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