Ultimate Facercise by Carole Maggio – Review and Giveaway

 From Facercise.com

Facercise founder and acclaimed anti-aging expert Carole Maggio is thrilled to announce the release of her new DVD: Ultimate Facercise. This enhanced system of synergistic facial exercises will fight aging and improve looks at an even faster, more effective rate than her original Facercise DVD series, which is a best-seller across the globe.

The new DVD includes instruction on new facial exercises and enhanced versions of the original Facercise moves. In addition, it includes an “8-Minute Superset,” that enables those with minimal time to speed through the exercises with the same incredible results.

“My techniques have changed the lives of women across the globe, so I decided that it was time to create an even greater potential for facial transformation and rejuvenation,” says Carole. “I have been refining and adding to the original system, and my goal is to continue spreading this movement so that women stay healthy, yet regain the confidence that a youthful appearance evokes.”

With the multitude of news reports revealing horrible side effects and injuries due to Botox, Restylane and various plastic surgery techniques, now is the time to promote alternative anti-aging methods that are natural and have no risk involved. In addition to her book and DVDs, Carole Maggio offers a full slate of products and services that can ensure a youthful look deep into the golden years.

“The time is now for a resurgence in natural, holistic methods to prevent aging,” says Carole. “I have created a wide variety of ways to stay looking and feeling young, without risking the potential side effects and artificial appearance caused by injectibles, negligent physicians, and dangerous surgeries.” In addition to her world famous Facercise system, Carole’s proprietary methods include her No Lipo Lipo treatment, as well as an anti-aging skincare line with products for every skin type. The most important aspect is that all of her methods are non-invasive, require no anesthesia, and are 100% natural.

Carole’s proprietary methods have been successfully used by women all over the world for nearly three decades. Created in the early 80s, Facercise is a series of synergistic facial exercises that targets all 57 muscles of the face and neck, resulting in a lifted, toned, younger looking appearance. Positive results are seen in just days.

Specific changes include lifted eyebrows, diminished under eye puffiness, enlarged eye sockets (which make the eyes appear more open and vibrant), fuller lips with turned up, younger looking corners of the mouth, as well as a more toned and defined chin, neck and jaw line. Our noses grow larger as we age — Facercise helps make the nose shorter and narrower. In addition, complexions change color and become more vibrant.

Most importantly, Facercise has helped many people with serious health conditions. Carole receives thousands of testimonials each year, many of which cite how her techniques cure everything from broken noses to Bell’s Palsy. People state that they think more clearly and some have said that it helped improve their eyesight. A man who was hit broadside by a truck, an accident that left his face numb and partially paralyzed, was cured after only three weeks of Facercise. Carole also helped a woman with a brain tumor that caused paralysis in her face recover feeling and movement after working with Facercise (visit the Acoustic Neuroma website at www.anausa.org for more details).

My Review:
Thanks to TV Top Ten, I received the
Ultimate Facercise DVD Set.
The first time I tried the face exercises, I made sure that I was home alone,
all the doors were locked, including my office door.
I felt like a total idiot!  Thankfully I don’t have a mirror
by my computer, because I may have busted 
my gut, laughing at myself.
I’m not sure about all the claims made by the statement (above)
made by Carole Maggio, but I will say  that my jaw pain  
(I have TMJ) has been reduced, 
since I started doing the face exercises in the program.
I had to take some of the information with a grain of salt,
but the actual exercises make sense, and I hope that with 
continued use, I will not only continue to have TMJ relief,
but that I’ll look better too!
TV Top Ten has provided my with an
Ultimate Facercise DVD Set,
for one of my readers.
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Ultimate Facercise by Carole Maggio – Review and Giveaway

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