Introducing new and improved Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear

Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear

Oh the joys of Underwear Training….NOT!

I guess we shouldn’t complain, as we have it so much easier than in days past.  We no longer have to deal with soaking wet pants, having to change bedding in the middle of the night, and carrying numerous extra changes of clothing when out and about with our toddlers.

About Pampers® Easy Ups™

Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear fit and feel more like underwear.  They are super soft, yet extremely absorbent featuring Pampers Extra Absorb Channels™.  These channels distribute and lock in wetness, which makes leaking less of a problem.

Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear

Your underwear trainees will be excited to wear the Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear featuring a collection of Thomas the Engine™ and Dora the Explorer™ designs and rolling out new Hello Kitty™ designs.

Pampers® Easy Ups™ Training Underwear

Having gone through underwear training with our 10 children (oops – make that nine, because our youngest was already out of diapers when we adopted him) and helping with the training of many of our 24 grand children, I’ve learned a LOT. I’ll pass on 5 tips:

  • One – Probably no two children will train alike, so don’t be discouraged if little Jeanie caught on right away, but toddler Tommy is a totally different story.
  • Two – NEVER punish for accidents!
  • Three – Don’t try to being training until your child shows signs of readiness.
  • Four – All adults that are part of the training process need to agree on the approach.  Consistency is the key.
  • Five – RELAX!  Children will not underwear train overnight, accidents are going to happen and at times, your little ones may feel as frustrated as you do.  Unless you child has medical issues or severe emotional problems, they will succeed – if not sooner, then later.

Easy, right?  Well maybe easier said than done.  But I will tell you that some of my kids practically trained themselves and others went down kicking and screaming. We never punished for accidents, but we did set boundaries and rules.

  • Until competent in their training, no sitting on upholstered furniture.
  • If they had an accident – no hiding of wet and/or soiled clothing!
  • If we were going to leave the house, they had to try to go, even if they claimed they didn’t need to.

Pampers® Easy Ups™

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Good Luck…And Dry Bottoms to you all!

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Underwear Training With Pampers® Easy Ups™

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36 thoughts on “Underwear Training With Pampers® Easy Ups™

  1. My best tip is to wait until your child shows many signs of readiness before you start training, hopefully during warm weather. Once you are well into the process, let them pick out a package of 7 real cotton underpants, perhaps with a favorite design or character. They will not want to mess those up.

  2. My best tip is let them pick them out then it is an idea they had and never go back to diapers once you made the change!

  3. I just started potty training for my little one few days ago. It is so challenge for me because he is an autistic boy, but I let him watch his favorite channel, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and give him stickers as the rewards. So, I think he should be ok for potty training!

  4. Oh I would have to say my tip would be to put some books by the potty, and during the day make lots of trips to the potty for a story in hopes that something might happen while you are there. 🙂

  5. Biggest tip is to not get frustrated. There will be accidents so don’t get too upset when they happen. This is a big deal for your little one and will take some time to figure it out.

  6. After training 4 kids and now training my second grandchild, I have to say be consistant and relax. They are kids and accidents will happen. Don’t stress because it doesn’t do any good.

  7. My best tip is to encourage them and use non candy rewards. you don’t want your child to expect candy every time they go to the bathroom. They may end up with cavities.

  8. I’m a little past my baby raising years, but I train dogs now and they love it when I clap my hands and say good girl when they do something good. I also think disposable diapers have come a long way from my day and it’s great!

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