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What to Consider While Shopping for an Air Purifier

Improving indoor air is vital to all people who need to breathe air that is free of contaminants. Before the invention of air purifiers, people cleaned their indoor air by removing pollutant sources in their surroundings. Consequently, they regularly ensured there was proper ventilation to allow for efficient air circulation in houses.

However, the efficiency of the ancient means of purifying air is questionable. With such methods, we aren’t sure of whether air pollutants around get eliminated. Air purifiers serve as the best inventions that accomplish this task with 100% surety.

What to Consider While Shopping for an Air Purifier

Indoor air pollution is a top contributing factor to many health conditions we develop. Air purifiers are essential devices when we talk about indoor air. These devices help to reduce the concentration of pollutants in our surrounding atmosphere. However, with several air purifier models around, deciding what to purchase might be a nightmare. Below, we prepare a list of aspects that we consider when shopping for these devices. Let’s learn from these factors to make an informed decision when purchasing Airpurifiergeek devices.

Size of Room

Air purifiers get constructed of different sizes and technologies. Before going for these machines, it’s essential to take measurements of where you intend to install them. Consequently, it’s vital to know the amount of space you want it to serve. If it’s a large area, then you need something big enough to serve the entire room. Experts advise buyers to consider heavy and compact models since they offer optimum efficiency.

Noise Rating

Here is another significant aspect you need to consider when purchasing these devices. Remember, air purifiers produce some noise when turned on. Manufacturers design them with fans that help them to reduce noise production. However, fans don’t get rid of all the noise these devices produce. Therefore, when shopping for air purifiers, it’s vital to mind the noise rating a lot.

Where you will install the air purifier also matters a lot to the noise rating to tolerate. Some people will consider installing their air purifiers in the basement while others in the bedroom. In bedrooms, for instance, it’s essential to consider machines with a 50dB rating and lower.

Efficiency per Hour

Thirdly, the efficiency of air purifiers matters a lot when selecting these devices. The efficiency of these machines get denoted by ACH. This is how much your machine can purify the air in a room in an hour.

Remember, the air we breathe contains minute contaminants in it. Therefore, the effectiveness of your cleaner in eradicating these pollutants is essential to the owner and dwellers. Typically, an air purifier rated 4 ACH serves effectively in purifying indoor air.


There are few basics but essential things that people ignore when selecting air purifiers. The company’s warranty means a lot to the quality and period the device will serve you. Warranties serve an essential purpose to your purchase, especially if you intend to use the device for an extended period.

Air purifiers develop mechanical issues due to the wrong usage or in their old stages. When purchasing these devices, buyers should know that short-time warranties mean a short lifespan to their machines. Therefore, if you need what will serve you the longest, you must mind a device with the most extended warranty. Consequently, a warrant is of importance whenever components fail or stop functioning.

The Filter of Your Air Purifier

Filters are essential components for air purifiers. When purchasing these devices, you must mind most of the cost of replacing these components. However, not all times will you require to replace them. There are a few that require a thorough cleaning, and they continue serving you.

We have different air purifier filters in the market. The popular options include carbon-activated and pleated filters. Activated carbon filter models require replacement after three months. However, the pleated options can serve you up to six months or even a year. You can replace them after six months or within a year.


An inspection of the features of an air purifier is essential when purchasing these products. Among the features, air purifiers boast include the shut-off timers, filter replacement indicator, sensors detecting pollutants in the air. Such features enable you to get efficient results from your cleaner. Therefore, inspect widely to ensure you get a featured model of all models.


Even not essential, you need to mind about the aspect of style when purchasing the cleaner. Remember, everything you are buying is vital to match the décor of your home. For instance, the color and other décor determining features. Choose an air purifier that fits with the existing décor of your home.


Proof of certification for use to clean the air at home is also significant in this topic. Usually, certification labels are at the package of your device. Ensure you pay for an air purifier that is duly certified.
Remember, these devices are effective if left to run 24/7. Other air purifiers release gases like the ozone that is dangerous for human health. A certification is proof that the particular purifier is safe to use.


Lastly, the cost matters when deciding on the air purifier to purchase. Manufacturers build both expensive and affordable air purifiers. They all perform a similar task of cleaning air. However, their prices differ due to their quality and efficiency. The price aspect should take the last slot in your purchase guide. Compare various models with the factors above and settle for at least three best overall. Choose an affordable air purifier from the list of the best of all.


Purchasing air purifiers might turn complex if you have insufficient information about these devices. You might at times buy a device expensively but later realize it isn’t efficient. Our guide helps newbies in deciding the best models and options to invest in. Breathe freshest air courtesy of the best market air purifier.

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What to Consider While Shopping for an Air Purifier

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