What to Do to Be Prepared for Senior Life

Growing old is inevitable. And while we all know it’s going to happen, very few of us put much thought or preparation in place before old age comes knocking on the door.

Most of us simply want to avoid the topic and pretend it doesn’t exist, but rather than burying our heads in the sand, it’s much better to get prepared for senior life so that we, and our families, have less to worry about in the future.

What’s more, as we live in an aging population, it’s integral to make plans now so that you’re well looked after in your golden years. Care homes and senior living communities can cost thousands a year, meaning the earlier you start saving, the less financial strain you’ll be placing on your family.

So, while it’s not an easy topic to approach, we’re sharing a few tips and to-dos to help you get yourself prepared for senior life.

Plan before it’s necessary

There may come a time where you can’t continue living independently in your own home. You may manage with a little help from family or require help from a support nurse. Rather than put this pressure on your family, you might want to consider Signature Care Homes. Family can still come to visit, but you’ll be safe and free to do as you please, without feeling like a burden.

Quality care homes can be expensive with long waiting lists, so it’s important to do the research and plan a few options before you need them. Otherwise, you may have to take what you can get.

Writing your will

Not having a will in place can cause a lot of problems. The law decides how your assets and money are split, meaning it may not go to the people you imagined. In order to stay in control of your finances – even after you’ve gone – it’s a good idea to write your will as soon as you can. There’s always time to amend or add things in the future.

Most people choose to work with a professional when writing their will, as even the smallest clerical error can invalidate it. If you go through significant changes in your life – for example, if you remarry or move home – it’s important to regularly check your will is up to date, too.

As well as your legal will, you should also consider a living will. This is a document that expresses how you’d want to be treated if you aren’t in a position to make decisions yourself at the time.  Living wills should be discussed with your family and friends so that if something does happen, everyone knows your wishes.

Stay healthy

Being healthy doesn’t just mean having a balanced diet and regularly taking part in exercise. It is hugely important to look after your mental wellbeing both before and during your senior life.

Keeping mentally active with puzzles and everyday challenges and maintaining a good social life can massively help with aging gracefully and enjoying your senior life to the maximum.


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