When do you need to take your dog to the vet?

It is an instinct for any pet parent to keep their pets healthy and happy. People with pet dogs treat them as a part of their family. As they say, dogs are a man’s best companion; they are also a source of entertainment. You can buy a dog, adopt it from your friends, or have a rescue dog at home.

The veterinarians suggest that if there are no apparent injuries on your dog, you will need to examine their activities closely. It will help you figure out the requirement of a vet visit. Following are some signs to look for and be vigilant about with your dogs.

Too much sleep

Dogs generally sleep for 13 hours a day in shifts. They love to stay active with their parents and take multiple changes in a day to complete their sleep. It is okay for older dogs to sleep more than adult dogs. Similarly, a rescue dog may take time to adjust to your schedule. But even after the adjustment period, if your rescue dog sleeps too much, it is time to visit a vet. Your dog may be feeling weak, have internal issues, or have heavy pain that he cannot express. So, too much sleep is a sign of a vet visit.

Change in eating habits

Eating habits in dogs change concerning the weather outside. But skipping more than two meals or more in 2 consecutive days can signify some health issues. Your dog may start to raid the garbage and pantry to eat more food. Some parents shared that their dogs act more aggressively around food when they have stomach infections or tooth pain. So, pay attention to the dog’s eating habits.

Increased water intake

Some dogs are fond of water and love to play in it. But if they suddenly increase their water intake and go on for days, it’s a red flag. To know that your dog is drinking more water, you should first know how much it usually drinks. An increase in thirst may point to kidney disease or diabetes. You can also notice the number of times your dog is urinating. When there is an increase in the number and amount of urine, you better book a veterinarian appointment.

Staying lazy and tired

It is easy to figure out lethargy in your dog if he is naturally active. But when you have a low dog, you need to be vigilant around his daily activities. You might need to visit a vet if your dog acts lazy and avoids activities that he enjoys, such as walking or playing in the fields. It is usual for dogs to get tired due to muscle soreness or high temperature. But if you notice the symptoms for more than two days, you should meet your vet.

Final words

Dogs are fun to be around. They bring joy and are always there to comfort you. The fur buddies can understand when you feel low by looking at your eyes. But you can not do that; therefore, you need to notice their behavior and routine activities to figure out if something is wrong.



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