Sleep Well this Holiday Season on PeachSkinSheets

Disclaimer: Please note that I have received product from PeachSkinSheets for review purposes only. I was not paid to endorse it. All opinions are my own.

I Truly Don’t Believe that I’ve EVER Slept on more WONDERFUL SHEETS than PeachSkinSheets!

Sleep is often a very underrated “commodity”.  But when you haven’t gotten enough sleep… or your sleep isn’t beneficial, you suffer for it.  I know, as I have multiple sleep disorders.  Having a good  mattress and GREAT sheets is a must for myself and my husband.  We both LOVE our PeachSkinSheets, and at this point, don’t want to sleep on any others.

I’m usually cold.  My husband is usually hot.  Thankfully the SMART fabric keeps us both comfortable.  They are so buttery soft, yet light in weight.  I’ve dealt with 1500 thread count sheets in the past and they were so heavy that it was difficult to make the bed on my own, not to mention how hard it was to lift them out of the washing machine and how long they took to dry! These have the feel of luxury 1500 thread count sheets without the weight (or the huge price tag)!

The sheets arrive carefully wrapped in tissue inside of the signature PeachSkinSheet box, and each package is adorned with  an adorable Peach  zipper pull – which my 4 year old grand daughter has loved collecting.

“The Original PeachSkinSheets are GREAT for hot sleepers! Breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill and anti-snag bed sheets featuring thermal control and moisture management properties…warm sleepers stay cool, and cool sleepers stay cozy. The durable athletic grade performance SMART fabric wicks away moisture to keep you drier and more comfortable. Best of all, they have a luxurious 1500 Thread Count softness with a brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides. Available in Split King, Cali King, King, Queen, Full, Twin and XL Dorm Twin and XL Dorm Full.”


About PeachSkinSheets

The Original PeachSkinSheets® was founded in 2013 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.  We pride ourselves on being The Original, One and Only Authentic Brand, and our signature peach zipper pull is featured on every sheet package. Our affordable bed sheets are made from a breathable, high performance athletic grade SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties.

I mentioned above about how much time it took to dry other sheets that I’ve had in the past…not PeachSkinSheets.  The SMART fabric dries in just 20 minutes or so, and when medium to medium/high heat is used, it activates their wrinkle release properties. Just take them out of the dryer and make your bed. Your sheets will be smooth and wrinkle free.


I absolutely love one of this past October’s colors of the month – Harvest Gold. I couldn’t have asked for a better match to my comforter.  The lighting just doesn’t do them justice.


“Prices start at $55. We always have 2 Colors of the Month priced at $55 for any size set. Our regular sale price is $69.95 for any size set while Split King/Adjustable Bed specialty sizes are $85.”

You can find the current colors of the month HERE, and you can always request a free swatch! So far, I’ve found that these colors are spot on.  My daughter has a set of Brushed Silver, and we have Harvest Gold, Sage Green and Light Mocha.  They perfectly match the color “chart” below!

PeachSkinSheetsAgain, I can honestly say that PeachSkinSheets are the BEST sheets that we have ever owned.  Check them out…and see for yourself.  I’m sure that you will be as thrilled as we have been. This is the time for giving, so give yourself and/or someone you love, the gift of a great nights sleep!

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Sleep Well this Holiday Season on PeachSkinSheets

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239 thoughts on “Sleep Well this Holiday Season on PeachSkinSheets

  1. oh oh I really like your comforter and can see how the October color is a compliment to it (November’s colors would be too). I’ve heard they are awesome sheets and hope to be able to try them soon

  2. These sheets are amazing and I love so many of the colors and a set of these sheets would be great to own and would look and feel good on my bed!

  3. I have never heard of these sheets until I came across this blog post. WOW!! They look & sound SUPER comfy!! I need to get me some!!

  4. I have never seen these sheets anywhere!! By reading your review they seem to be very soft & comfortable. I need to get some of these!! I love the color also!

  5. This sheets looks so soft and comfortable. I would love to try them. I would like the Harvest Gold sheets.

  6. As much as I love the beautiful colors of PeachSkin Sheets, I think my favorite feature would be the thermal control feature. I’m of a certain age, which means that my temperature fluctuates at night, so these sheets would be a great help.

  7. These sheets look so comfortable! I also love the different colors they make. I would love a set in each color! 🙂

  8. I love all the color choices. I’m not sure if I would pick sage green or almond ivory. They look and sound soft. Would love to give them a try.

  9. I t sounds like these sheets would work for my husband and myself but we have the reverse issue, I am always hot and he is chilled.

  10. Packaging says a lot about a product in my experience and this presentation that the sheet set is wrapped in is awesome. It just solidifies the luxury of these sheets in my opinion. Love the zipper pull, so cute your grand daughter is collecting them!

  11. Every time I see a review on the PeachSkinSheets, I get so excited! Their sheets are amazing (yes, I know how amazing they are!). I won a pair for my Mother and she constantly talks about how much she loves them — now, I need a pair for myself. LOL. I love that the fabric is “Smart fabric”, allowing for you and your husband to stay cool and you to stay warm. That Harvest Gold looks really pretty, I was worried it would be really gold looking. But it looks great!

  12. I would love sheets like this. I am chronically ill and am in bed a lot. I would love to have sheets that feel this good so I could maybe enjoy being in bed. LOL

  13. I really would love to get a set of these sheets. I like that they have the thermal control and moisture management properties which would be great for me because one minute I am hot and the next freezing.

  14. That pineapple pillow, though!!

    I like the color selection. We’ve got a leaky toddler and a messy dog, so darker-colored sheet are always good.

    1. I love that is has thermal control and moisture wicking properties for hot sleepers! My boyfriend is one of them. A living heater.

  15. I love the colors these sheets some in and that they can keep you cooler. My Daughter has some and just loves them. Peach Skin Sheets are really so soft too.

  16. I love the review say they dry quick plus feel great from what I saw see come in great colors . I love the ideal keep you cool also

  17. I love how they are made from a SMART fabric that is great for hot sleepers due to its thermal control and moisture wicking properties. I get so hot at night!

  18. Oh wow, the SMART fabric sounds wonderful! I love how it keeps warm sleepers cool and cool sleepers cozy! Sounds like the perfect sheets for us here! I love the mint julep color!

  19. I want to sleep on peachskinsheets. I have never gotten to before I don’t think. I’m loving this a lot. Thanks for all the great information including smart fabric that dries fast!

  20. I love that these sheets will not shrink and don’t need ironed. I love the soft look of the cotton candy sheets.

  21. The choice of color is very nice. I actually like them all. I especially like that these sheets have deep pockets and don’t shrink.

  22. These sheets sound like they are so comfortable. I love the color choices. I especially love the eggplant color it matches my bed room

  23. These look so nice and soft, I love sheets and would put clean ones on the bed every day if I had time.

    1. Oh Karen, we are so much alike. I’ve always said that if we could afford a housekeeper, the on thing I would have him or her do every day, is change the sheets!

  24. I have read several reviews about Peach Skin Sheets and I would love to have a set for our bed! Love the variety of colors to choose from!

  25. The peach skin sheets look comfy, I would like to have the cotton candy pink and give some to family & friends.Thanks

  26. I’m really impressed by the variety of colors they offer and would love to give these sheets a try! I feel like I’m always looking for the ‘perfect’ sheets.

  27. The sheets are very nice. I love that you can request swatches to see what they look like in person. They recently added the cotton candy pink and the silver brushed.

  28. These sheets look so comfortable and I love all of the color choices they have. I like the brushed silver color sheets the best.

  29. I love that it keeps you cool or warm depending on the temp. It’s the perfect all around bedding sheets! Amazing!

  30. I have never tried PeachSkin Sheets but I would love to try them. I love the brushed silver or the almond colors.

  31. I Love these Peach Skin Sheets!! A couple of years ago, I bought a set that was on sale through their site in the Almond color…it was the special color of the month. They are the finest, most comfortable Sheets that I’ve ever owned!! I really wanted the Harvest Gold, as it would really compliment our bedroom decor! Keeping my fingers crossed; thanks for this chance 🙂

  32. These are really amazing sheets and love that they are moisture-wicking. I cannot wait for the peach color to come out as the company indicated it may be next year. I love all of their colors.

  33. These sound like wonderful sheets. I would love to have some new super soft sheets. I love their nice selection of colors too.

  34. I have heard of these sheets and I so want to try them out they sound amazing and soft thanks for the great review.

  35. We really need these! I have one sheet that fits our queen sized bed and has the necessary ‘deep pocket” and it “sprung a tear” about a month ago.

  36. I have heard great things about these sheets! I would love to try the Brushed Silver! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  37. These sheets looks exceptionally comfortable and durable. The different colors make it nice to switch during different seasons. Love the light mocha color the most though.

  38. I’ve been alternating two sheet sets for quite a few years now…it’s time for new ones. Glad to see your review for these…I paid more for the ones I have now so I’ll be looking into these for my next purchase!

  39. These sheets sound like a dream to me. I have such issues with buying good sheets for some reason but these sound like my solution. I have these on my Christmas gift list so hopefully I will get them.

  40. I love that they are breathable, ultra soft, anti-pill and anti-snag with thermal control and moisture management properties. It would be awesome to own a set. Thanks.

  41. These sheets sound amazing! I would love to have a set! The color selection is really nice. I especially love the Graphite Gray and Midnight Black! Thanks for the post 🙂

  42. I love the variety of colors! I also love that they have 2 Colors of the Month which are priced at $55 for any size set, which is a great price!

  43. (Sleep Well this Holiday Season on PeachSkinSheets) These sheets sound amazing, I bet they are super soft and comfortable to sleep on also. I really love that eggplant colored set too.

  44. I Iove that these have the deep pockets. That makes them great for my bed which has an attached pillow top on it.

  45. After exploring their website to look at their products especially the sheet set. I love that they are “no shrinkage” and has deep pockets. The color selection is also really nice. I like graphite gray.

  46. I could really use these sheets for the wicking feature. My nightly cycle is blankets on, blankets off over and over again.

  47. I really love the color choices of these sheets. The eggplant would match my room perfect. These sheets sound like they are quality made

  48. These sheets sound amazing! They actually help keep you cool? Man, I need that here where we are already having triple digit heat. Beautiful colors as well.

  49. I have read so much about these that they sounds heavenly. My grandson will often sneak in bed to curl up with Gammy at times. He is such a hot sleeper, it would be great if he didn’t heat up the sheets so much. That would make them even better!

  50. I ordered their swatches a while ago. While I love the color selection and softness, it seems like they might be very thin and fragile. The small squares of fabric might not have been a good representation.

  51. I can’t believe there is actual peach skin on this. I love that it helps with a hot sleeper. We both are at least in the mattress we have. This might help us with that!

  52. Sigh! I gasped..literally when I saw this giveaway.
    It’s my favorite that I have TRIED to win a few times!
    Every raves about these..
    I want to find out for myself and family!
    This time is the charm..I

  53. I love that the sheets have smart fabric. At 51, my hormones never know whether I am going to freeze or sweat to death at night. These would be perfect!

  54. I love how soft these sheets look! I like that they are made from Smart Fabric – perfect for hubby and I since I am always cold and he is always hot!

  55. These sheets look and sound wonderful. I would choose the Beach Blue color that would match my comforter.

  56. These are comfortable whether you’re hot or cold. As you say they don’t get heavy when washing and don’t wrinkle. I have a set and I love them!!!

  57. Love the variety of color options especially the sage green. I have one set of these sheets and they are very soft!

  58. These look like they are comfortable no matter what time of year so that the person sliding into bed is not brushed with rough sheets.

  59. I have been trying to win these darn things for a long time! haha I ordered the swatches awhile ago, and omg, they are so soft! I can’t imagine actually sleeping on them. My favorite color is the Beach Blue! Love these sheets…here’s to crossing my fingers!

  60. I know these do feel silk soft to the touch because I have ordered the swatches samples before. I have been trying to win myself a set for over 3 years now.

  61. I have heard such great things about Peachskin Sheet, I really need to order me a set or two and join the crowd of pleased customers.

  62. I have a set of these and they are THE BEST….we love them! I hope to win so I can gift them to a friend or relative and get them hooked on them too 🙂

  63. I love that Peach Sheets have thermal control. It would be nice to have sheets that make sleeping cooler. Thanks so much for the review and introducing me to this product!

  64. I’m the hot one and my husband is the cold one! I’d love to try these out and find some sheets that are comfortable for both of us.

  65. These sheets look great. I like that the material is so light that you will stay warm or keep cool. I also love the wide range of colors to choose from.

  66. They sound amazing! I would love to try if for myself and get the Mint Julep color. I am looking for a comfortable brand of sheets that wash well also.

  67. They sound heavenly! I love that they are anti-pill. I do a lot of tossing and turning during the night so these would be perfect plus I am sure I would sleep better with these sheets 🙂

  68. I also have sleep issues and alternate between being too cold…….then too hot……repeat 100 times. These sheets sound wonderful. I would love to sleep on high quality, super soft, light sheets. They offer some beautiful color choices as well.

  69. I’d love to try these. I do have to take a sleep medicine so anything to help me sleep better, cooler, healthier would be wonderful 🙂

  70. I have a set and can’t wait to get more! They are so soft and wash really well.I want the purple set next!

  71. thanks for the review. I have seen these around the internet for a while now and I get their emails but have really wondered about the softness and quality.

  72. I love all the colors these sheets come in and they sound amazing to sleep on . I love that they stay cool too.

  73. I would love to have a set of these sheets! I’ve heard wonderful things about them! The Graphite Gray & Midnight Black are my favorites 🙂

  74. This would be a great giveaway to win. I need a new pair of sheets. These looklike they would be extremely soft and I love that they have a wide variety of colors to pick from

  75. These Peachskin Sheets are really beautiful! I’ve gotten several swatch samples & the colors are super nice! I love the Beach Blue & Cotton Candy Pink colors and hope to get a set one of these days.

  76. I have been wanting a set of Peach skin Sheets for awhile now! I would like the Mocha or Eggplant color the most.

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