How to find the perfect Rolex

The name Rolex itself is enough to see eyes pop and jaws drop. With a legacy of best-in-class watchmaking established over a century, Rolex watches come with the promise of best in class quality, design and functionality: from deep-sea divers to mountain trekkers, Rolex watches have given company to achievers across the globe. Its presence on wrists of today’s most well known personalities goes to prove its superior quality and image.

A Rolex watch is the perfect companion for those who appreciate the fine things in life. It is able to leave a lasting impression about you without uttering a single word – that’s how powerful Rolex is. With a wide variety of watches for men and women, the brand today is undoubtedly one of the most sought after names in timekeeping. The collection of Rolex watches available at Ethos Watch Boutiques is trustable and wide-ranging, with the option to find the perfect match for varied personalities.

When choosing a luxury watch, you must consider how well suited the style and technology is to your lifestyle. Read on to dive into the world of Rolex and find yourself the perfect companion.

1. Match your outdoorsy lifestyle – Rolex Explorer

How to find the perfect Rolex

A Rolex watch is known to be very reliable, due to the fact that it is made using technology tested under real life conditions. True to this legacy, the Rolex Explorer is an extremely dependable and robust choice, coupled with universally pleasing aesthetics. The iconic model features an easily legible clean black dial, topped with luminescent material to highlight markers for 3,6 and 9. Strapped with the signature Oyster bracelet, the Explorer is the perfect match for any man with an active lifestyle.

2. Innate Elegance – Rolex Cellini

How to find the perfect Rolex


The eternal grace of Rolex is embodied in its Cellini collection – combining the best of awe-inspiring design and top class technology. The model pictured above is carefully crafted using Everose Gold, a Rolex patent 18CT pink gold alloy that is developed exclusively in-house. The sophistication of the black dial is elevated with a stunning black, alligator leather strap.

3. Timeless Design for everyday use – Rolex Datejust 36

How to find the perfect Rolex

The Datejust series by Rolex is especially designed for the women of today. The wristwatch features a beautiful silver dial with distinctive hour markers crafted from 18CT gold. The Jubilee bracelet is not only easy to wear but also super simple and clean in its aesthetics. The forward looking design and modern appeal of the watch make it the perfect match

for boss ladies across the world – no matter which part of her life she’s ready to conquer.

4. Classic meets Contemporary – Rolex Lady-Datejust 28

How to find the perfect Rolex

The dynamic woman of today needs a watch as unique as her lifestyle. The Lady-Datejust 28 by Rolex is the ideal definition of classic meets contemporary. The watch is made using 18ct Rolesor gold, which is a Rolex signature in use since 1930s. Apart from its jaw-dropping look, what makes the watch truly unique is its mother of pearl dial – differentiated by colour and form in every single piece. This is Rolex’ way of celebrating a woman’s imperfections and appreciating her for who she is.

From boys to girls and men to women, there’s a Rolex to match every personality. Find yourself a piece that appeals to you and will stay meaningful for generations to come

How to find the perfect Rolex

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