4 Ways To Spend Your Time After Work Besides Watching TV

Working can be challenging and take a lot out of you some days. All you might want to do is come home and plop it on the couch. While it’s good to rest, watching TV all the time isn’t necessarily great for you either.

Instead, consider an alternative and have some fun while also being productive in some cases. You’ll discover that you feel even more ready for bedtime when you exert yourself and aren’t sitting around all night.

Here are four ways to spend your time after work besides watching TV.

1. Read A Book

Get lost in a good book after work instead of turning on the TV. Reading will help relax you and take your mind off your work tasks and responsibilities. Change out of your work clothes and into comfortable clothing so that you feel at ease. Make a warm cup of tea and find a comfortable spot to read as you rest and unwind from a long day. If you want to get out of the house then consider heading to the library where it’ll be quiet and you’ll have a wide range of books to pick from. If you’re not a big reader then you may want to consider journaling instead.

2. Cook or Bake

Another way to spend your time after work besides watching TV is to cook or bake. Find something simple and tasty such as this easy street taco recipe that you can sit down and enjoy once it’s prepared. Otherwise, make some sweets to indulge in after you eat dinner. Cooking and baking can be a relaxing and mindful activity if your kitchen is well organized and you have a good idea of what you want to make. You may find it better and more rewarding than eating out because it’s less expensive and you can save on calories and portion sizes.

3. Go for A Walk

If you work at home or in an office then you’re likely inside all day staring at a computer screen. In this case, it may be helpful to get outside and go for a walk in nature. There are many benefits to being outdoors such as that it can reduce stress and anxiety, boost your mood, and help you reset from a long day of work. Head out with your dog and explore a new trail in the area or walk to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. You’ll return home feeling refreshed and more relaxed instead of worrying about work.

4. Get Organized

Tackle some projects around the house if you want to do something besides watch TV. Spend time getting organized by going through your closets and the basement or boxes that are sitting around. The more organized you are at home the less stress you’ll feel and the easier it’ll be to find what you’re looking for. Invest in some organizational solutions and storage bins to help you find room for what you want to keep so it’s kept ou

13 thoughts on “4 Ways To Spend Your Time After Work Besides Watching TV

  • Love it. I think it’s so important to do things other than just watch TV – although that is fun, too!

  • Reading is one of my favorite things to do! I tend to pick up a book to watching TV anyway.

  • Such a great read, I love the idea of going for a walk.

  • Thsi is such a really great read! Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas!

  • Such a great way for our time to be worth after our work. No 1 for me would be reading a book, this help me meditate and relax.

  • I’ve been organizing instead of the usual things I do after work, and it feels rewarding. Thanks for sharing!

  • I don’t watch tv very often. Sometimes I’ll play a show for background noise. But I’d rather be blogging or focusing on activities that benefit my mental health.

  • I try to go for a walk in the evening during nice weather, but I need to be better about it. I do spend too much time watching TV.

  • Love these ideas. My husband and I try and do one task a day after we put our son to bed, which usually involves cleaning or organizing a room in the house

  • Love this! We are big readers and walkers! But when the kids are down and the sky is dark we do always watch one show!

  • I love to read. I rarely sit down and do it though, which is so strange to consider.

  • Good tips! I spend my after work time helping my kids with homework!


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