Which Meal Kit Delivery is for you + Coupons For Each

Most people have very busy schedules; between parenthood, jobs, and business, they have little or no time to cook making them reliant on taking out which is neither wallet friendly nor good for their health.

If this is the story of your life, then you should consider subscribing to a meal kit delivery service. These services would be a life saver as they allow you to place an order for full of fresh groceries, pre-portioned ingredients, recipes and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Meal kit delivery services are offered by multiple companies that allow the customer to choose from various subscription options. These companies also allow customers to choose between 2 or 4 meals per week for two or more people. Let us look at the various companies.

Which Meal Kit Delivery is for you + Coupons For Each

1. Plated

Plated allows you to select between seven recipes weekly. The quality of food at plated is one of the best in comparison to other companies; this is because of the creativity that is in their recipes. Plated has unique ingredients that will tickle your taste buds. However, plated is quite expensive in comparison to other companies; recipes start at $12 each person, each meal and you could also order for dessert at $4 per serving. Shipping is only free if you place orders worth $50 and above.

Plated Coupon: Better dinners with 50% off your first order.

Which Meal Kit Delivery is for you + Coupons For Each


2. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh delivers to you fresh ingredients and recipe cards to guide you through the cooking. Charges for meals start at $9.90 for each person inclusive of the shipping fee. Hello Fresh allows you to choose from subscriptions such as:

• The vegetarian plan which costs $9.08 each plate, each meal.
• The family plan which starts at $8.75 for each meal

Pros of subscribing to Hello Fresh.
• Super easy meal preparation. Hello Fresh should be your go-to as they take out a few cooking steps making your work easier. For example, if you ordered for broccoli or cauliflower, they will be delivered to you while pre-cut already.
• Easy account management. The online platform is user-friendly as you can easily place orders, change your meal preferences or even stop the deliveries for some time.
• Meals are kid friendly.
• Cons of Subscribing to Hello fresh.
• The text on the recipe cards is very small and close together thus making it hard for you to read and follow.

Hello Fresh Coupon: $40 off 2 boxes with Hello Fresh Promo Code HF40NOW


Which Meal Kit Delivery is for you + Coupons For Each3. Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers to you weekly boxes with enough ingredients to make 3 meals for two, four or even six people and a recipe to guide you through the cooking. To make certain that you do not get foods that you do not eat, Blue Apron allows you to choose your dietary preferences. However, this may not be possible for one meal; you may have to choose three or more meals.

Meal preparation for foods from Blue Apron could take up to 45 minutes or more. For this reason, if you are seeking for a fast weeknight meal, this is not for you. Blue Apron also saves you on time you would otherwise waste searching for ingredients; 25% of exotic flavors used in Blue Apron cannot be found at the typical grocery shop near you.

Blue Apron Coupon: $30 off your first Blue Apron Order.

If you’re looking for current offers for any of these meal delivery services visit for the last coupon codes.

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