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The UK is extremely fortunate to have the NHS giving patients access to free or subsidised health care, including dental care. NHS dentistry allows children to have free consultations and treatments which can prevent them from experiencing poor dental health. However, as adults, most patients are expected to pay towards certain treatments and some treatments can only be accessed via private care. Many cosmetic treatments are only available from private clinics in Kings Hill, or via clinics that offer both NHS and private dental care. With this in mind, why do so many people in the UK choose to pay for treatments that are viewed as needed only for cosmetic purposes?

The impact of appearance on one’s confidence

One of the first things that people notice about another person’s appearance is their smile. When a person has crooked, discolored, or missing teeth, they can become extremely self-conscious and may even avoid opening their mouth to avoid showing their teeth. Studies show that people with what is perceived to be the perfect smile are happier. This could be because incidents such as tooth loss can be stressful and can impact on a patient’s ability to eat or speak properly. It could also be because people may be thought of as less attractive if they have less than perfect teeth.

Easier access than ever before

During the last decade there has been an increase in the number of people choosing cosmetic dentistry. Previously such treatments were viewed as accessible only to the rich and famous, but with many clinics providing competitive prices and payment plans, more patients are able to afford to have the treatments they want. Some clinics offer various discounts such as special prices for couples that receive the same cosmetic treatments, or for first-time patients. These types of offers make treatments even more affordable.

Reputable treatments that work

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When patients recognize certain treatment brands as having a great reputation, they are more likely to use these treatments. Invisalign is one such example of a product that has been proven to straighten teeth in a short period of time and is convenient for the contemporary patient. The clear braces of Invisalign allow patients a discreet method of teeth-straightening and the use of digital technology makes the treatment accurate and therefore more reliable. These types of treatments are more credible than simply celebrity endorsed products, as they are not only used by people in the public eye, but have been used by friends, family and colleagues of patients that attend clinics specifically requesting these treatments.

Treatments can be performed by a patient’s regular dentist

Many NHS dentists also perform private consultations and treatments which allow patients to receive cosmetic dental treatments from a professional they already know. By registering with a dentist that treats the entire family and also provides cosmetic dentistry, a patient can access treatment in a familiar environment. Being able to access treatments at their usual, local dentist, patients will find it easier to attend follow-up appointments should this be necessary.

Why is cosmetic dentistry so popular?

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