Why Should You Remove Your Makeup at Night?

Whether you like to use makeup for your general working life, to add a bit of glam to your date night, or even for a confidence boost, one general rule still remains. You should always take your makeup off at night. However, some people, either due to tiredness or inebriation, often forget to do so. Others may not realize the potential hazards to your overall well being that can come from leaving these materials on your skin for an overly prolonged period of time.

Let’s explore why you must never neglect to remove your makeup at night.

One of the causes of styes on the eyes can be due to the build up of bacteria. Any bacteria on your skin, or even on your makeup, can then be left on your eyes if it is not washed off thoroughly. When you read what a stye is and how to treat it, you can better understand the reasons why you should remove your makeup before going to bed, to help prevent the formation of any germs which can cause styes and other problems from occurring. This can end up becoming irritated, causing pain and itching, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. You may also be able to use antibiotic eye drops if these are a recurring issue.


Alongside failing to adequately clean brushes, or using old products, not removing your makeup at night can also cause a breakout of spots. Using a proper makeup removing wash can go a long way towards preventing these, alongside making sure your skin is regularly exfoliated to remove any dead skin, alongside chemicals and oil build ups. You may find that the amount of makeup you use can also have an effect on the likelihood of spots appearing. Finding items that are lighter on your skin, and less likely to feel heavy, may also help greatly. On top of this, having days where you are completely makeup free will also minimize your risk.

Older Looking Skin

There are a number of things that can make your skin age before its time, and one of those is failure to properly remove makeup. While the makeup itself may not be entirely to blame, the dirt and oils that build up in your skin can give it a duller appearance, and even make wrinkles appear deeper than they actually are. Washing off your makeup properly can help your skin to remain clean and clear of any impurities. When washed alongside the use of a lightweight moisturizer, you can help your skin to remain youthful for much longer.

Looking after your skin isn’t just about what you put on it, but also how you take things off. Keeping makeup on overnight doesn’t just cause dirt to build up on your bedding, but can also have some negative impacts upon your facial health. Taking just a few minutes to wipe away your makeup before you go to bed will help your face to look fresh, even without the application of any of your products.

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  • These are great reasons. Doing this is really important!


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