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AC Repair Engineers in Clear Lake City TX – Clear Lake City AC Fixing Guides

We love Clear Lake City and all of Houston Texas for so many reasons. For instance, the real estate market in this part of the country is more reasonable than many other parts. Also, the system of taxation is a lot more reasonable. Little wonder Houston is proudly the most ethnically diverse part of the country. Despite the wonderful attributes of this city, certain things can make living here a nightmare.

One of such is not having a good cooling system. This is because Texas can be very hot especially at the peak of summer. For more information about this, you can check here.

You are therefore advised to put everything in order for the hot season. We will discuss some Air conditioning fixing tips in this article to help out. So, we advise that you take note of the information shared here.

Some AC Problems and How to Resolve them

AC Repair Engineers AC Unit being repaired

Listed and explained below are some common problems with ACs and how you can resolve them:

Clogged Filter

Frankly, this is one of the most common problems that owners of this HVAC equipment are faced with. Fortunately, it is one of the easiest problems to resolve. You can even handle the whole thing without the help of your AC technician.

Regardless of the size, brand, or model of AC you have, a clogged filter will have negative effects. This is why you should do everything reasonably possible to avoid it. Make sure that the filters are not blocked as this will restrict the supply of needed air into the interior space.

You should also know that you can only use the filter for a while. So, make sure you change the filters at the right time. We have gathered that filters are designed to last between 3 to twelve months.

Warm Instead of Cool Air

The ideal thing is that the air conditioning system supplies the right amount of cool air into the interior space. However, there can be a problem if the air supplied is warm.

This may be because the window AC seals are exposed. As a result, cool air escapes and hot air makes its way into the building. You can rectify the situation by making use of weather stripping. Just make sure the areas around the unit’s perimeter are surrounded by the weather stripping.

Intense Vibration of the AC

Normally, air conditioning systems make some noise. This is because of how parts like the compressor and fan work. However, this should be nothing out of the ordinary. For instance, your AC is not expected to vibrate intensely.

This is most likely a sign that the equipment’s unit was not properly installed. It could also be that the nuts that held it properly in place are loose. So, you might have to get your technician to check the state of things and put them in order.

Inconsistency in Cool Air Supply

The ductwork may be faulty if you experience inconsistency in the supply of cool air. However, this could also be a problem with your programmable or smart thermostat.

These kinds of thermostats are designed to take note of your preferences and regulate the air supply based on this. However, we have figured out that thermostats that are exposed directly to sunlight can get the wrong signal.

As a result, the supply of cool air will not be as expected. So, make sure your thermostat is positioned rightly.


It is important that AC repair in Clear Lake City or in any other part of Texas should be handled by the right hands. This is so that you get your AC running as soon as possible and in the right shape. This is why you need to know the right service providers around.

We have discussed some common AC problems and how to go about resolving them in this article. We hope that you make informed decisions based on the information shared here.

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  • This is great advice. Especially since things are starting to heat up.

  • It is important to have some basic knowledge of issues related to air conditioners. It helps to identify the problems. Clogged filters are very common. Filters must be cleaned after specific intervals.

    I appreciate your efforts in collecting and presenting this information. Thank you very much.


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