The 3 Things To Do To Find A Job In Canada

There have been a record number of Americans that have either emigrated to Canada or are researching how to do it. Whether it is the high cost of healthcare or the crazy political climate, many people are seeking greener pastures up North.

Moving abroad is not easy and finding a job is the key to being able to do it successfully. Many people think that they can just show up in Canada and make a go of it. The reality is that it is a bit tricky to actually find a job in Canada and also to go through the immigration process.

In this article, we will go over what you need to do to find a job in Canada so you can make the move.

1 – Go there and look

For a company to want to hire you they need to do some interviews and get a sense of who you are. This is going to be the case no matter what country you are looking for a job in. The problem when you don’t live in the country is that the HR department in charge of hiring is likely to not want to deal with somebody not in the area.

If you go and stay in one of many short term rentals Toronto or whichever city you choose, then you will have a much easier time. You’ll not only be in the same time zone, but coordinating to come in for an interview is far less complicated.

Since you can enter Canada for 180 days visa free as an American, you can head up there and look for a job during this period.

 2 – Write a Canadian style CV

You can ditch the resume that you had been using in the US during your job hunt as it is irrelevant in Canada. They use a more European style CV to send out to employers so yours will need to be similarly formatted.

The format structure generally starts with your contact information, then a summary of your professional experience. You’ll then explain your work experience and finish with your education.

In your CV, you should focus on team achievements rather than individual ones since they want to know how well you work within a team. You aren’t going to be working alone after all.

3 – Focus on the dream job

Sending out hundreds of resumes to random jobs is not going to get you the job you would want. Instead of thinking about quantity you should focus on quality. Make a list of the top jobs you would want and then craft a CV and cover letter specific to that company.

HR departments can sniff a generic letter that has been sent to hundreds of offers from a mile away. You want to give them a reason to want to hire you when they have locals that can do the job. You really need to wow them and a generic cover letter won’t have that effect.


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