Lots of helium part balloons Family Party Ideas

Family Party Ideas

Now we can all finally be together again, after so long apart during the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to celebrate with the family. A family party could be a good way to get everyone together again and create some magical family memories. But what sort of party could you throw to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

Family Party Ideas

Throw A Garden Party

Lots of people are still a bit nervous about being around larger groups of people, even the family, but may feel safer outside in the fresh air. This means that a garden party might be the best choice for a post-covid meet-up with the family. 

Throw a barbecue for an easy way to feed a crowd. Put out plenty of seating for the adults to relax, eat, drink, and chat, and leave the lawn clear for the children to play. You could put out lots of lawn games, or balls for the kids too, to keep them busy. 

If you wanted to go all out, book some entertainment. For the daytime, if you have a large garden, everyone will be amazed by stunt dog entertainment. For the evening, why not have a fireworks display? 

Host A Games Night

If you have a smaller family and don’t have many people to host, you can safely gather everyone together indoors. A nice, relaxed way to celebrate having everyone together again could be hosting a games night. 

Depending on the ages and the numbers of people you will be hosting, gather a stack of board games. You could also play classic party games like Pictionary or charades, or even get the games console out for a video game night. If someone still owns a Wii, get them to bring it, so you can play the party games that work well with a crowd, like Wii bowling. 

Serve drinks and lay-out snacks, and you can have a fun, laid-back night with the people you love. 

Pack A Picnic

If you don’t enough room at home or in the garden to host the whole family, head out somewhere. Pack up a picnic, or ask everyone to bring a picnic dish, like a potluck, and head out to the local park or somewhere else nearby with plenty of outside space. 

Like the garden party, this has the advantage of keeping everyone safe in the fresh air, and having plenty of space for people to social distance if they want to. There’s also lots of room for the children to play. 

Mix up some fun summer drinks (mocktails for the kids), and pack plenty of food. Salads, pasta dishes, and snacks all make good picnic food. 

For the activities, take some outdoor games along, or supplies for sports. A football, or a tennis ball and some rounders bats could work well for an outdoor family gathering. 

After so long apart, a party is a lovely way to bring the family together. Just make sure you follow the rules in your area to keep everyone safe. 


Family Party Ideas

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