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Boost your home’s curb appeal with some home exterior upgrades this year! If your roof, windows, or siding are overdue for a bit of TLC, what better time to start? Make the most of the warm weather and get outside, it’s DIY season! Any upgrades you make to your home will not only add more aesthetic appeal but increase the value as well.

Here are some home exterior upgrades that have been trending in 2020.


There are a few different trends at the moment. Regarding material, people are going for sustainable options for their windows. Large panes with minimal sight-lines are a popular style trend. These also let in a lot of light. Let’s look at a couple of these window trends


  • Sustainability


Wooden, uPVC, and aluminum are the best materials in terms of sustainability and durability. In order to reduce emissions, and save money on your energy bills it’s a good idea to upgrade your window frames to these materials. Be sure to update all glass panes to double glazing as well, to reduce heat loss and provide better insulation for your home.


  • Large Windows with Minimal Sight-lines


Floor to ceiling glass with the most minimal frame possible is what’s trending at the moment. One of the mains benefits is that you can maximize the amount of natural light. This is also a more eco-friendly option. 


Paintwork is important to the structure and integrity of your home. Without refreshing your exterior paintwork, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to moisture penetration, which could be the cause of much more costly renovations in the future. Here a couple of paintwork trends this year. 


  • Neutral Base/Bright Trim


One popular trend right now is to opt for neutral colors for the base of the house, such as natural beiges or elegant grays, then add a bright blue or red for a splash of color and contrast. Remember to go for quality paint for your home exterior


  • Earthy Hues 


Earthy hues help to bring out the lush greens in your landscaping and help your home to blend in with nature. When changing the color of your exterior don’t forget to confirm it it complies with local planning rules.

Steel Siding

This is a popular choice this year due to its quality and versatility. Woodgrain siding combined with steel helps to create the perfect look. You’ll benefit from the richness and beauty of wood but without the maintenance. Steel is moisture resistant and won’t succumb to wear and tear as easily.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are thicker and more durable than standard shingles, so they’re a perfect long-term solution to any roof damage. They have become much cheaper due to manufacturing costs decreasing in recent decades. They provide a dimensional look and improved resilience, without compromising on style. Check out more of the best roofing materials in 2020. 

Boost the value of your home with some quick touch-ups this summer. This year it’s all about substantiality and giving your home a timeless style. 


Top Home Exterior Trends in 2020

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