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5 Design Styles That Go Surprisingly Well Together

Are you attempting to redecorate your home? You might have trouble coming up with engaging design styles in a particular room. Sticking to the same trends is often dull and boring.

Forget trying to make everything match. Forget trying to stick to a strict design plan. When you decorate a room using more than one furniture style and combine it with different types of patterns and colors, you create a fresh look that is never easy to pull off.

Please know that it is possible.

In fact, some of the best experts in the business have shared some of their best tricks and tips for mixing modern, traditional, oriental and antique design. Instead of having a chaotic looking space, your décor will look stunning and never clash if you utilize these suggestions.

Design Styles That Go Surprisingly Well Together – Ways to Mix and Match Design Styles

  •       Eclectic living room designs – one interesting creation by Peter Frank is that he took an 18th-century Korean screen, hung it right above his sofa that was slipcovered using a vintage variety of French linen sheets. Creating interesting contrasts is the best way to pair unusual design styles that typically do not go together. The modern pieces make it easier than ever to find interesting furniture and other types of home décor.
  •       Contrasting carpets – an expert designer named Jonathan Berger decided to use carpets to create a major impact within his home. First, he added a zebra carpet runner. He then paired this carpet with an antique Ziegler Mahal runner. The really interesting part is that he added these two clashing carpets to a 19th century townhouse located in Brooklyn, New York. What’s even more fun is that he chose to paint the walls using the color Razzle Dazzle from Benjamin Moore, which is an impressive pink and an amazing sight to see.
  •       Making styles mingle – in a beautiful cottage located in Southampton, New York, one designer decided to mix modern and primitive furniture to create an interesting style to say the least. This design incorporated Indonesian window transoms and hung them directly over a gorgeous white fireplace. Not only that, but they also added 1940s French armchairs to really mix things up.
  •       Creating a surprising color combination – Steven Gambrel, a designer based in Southampton, New York, decided to use vivid and exciting colors when painting the walls inside of his home. He chose interesting options by using Marlboro Blue and Cedar Green. To help soften the effect of these contrasting colors, he also chose to frame them using white paint. These offsetting colors really work well together in an interesting and unusual way. To top it up, you can even add more fresh color to this style by adding a vase with different fresh flowers regularly or cute bowls of candy.
  •       Uniting the unusual – Marshall Watson, acclaimed designer extraordinaire, designed a living room that puts a modern twist on the traditional mid-20th century American style. He used super scaled hound’s-tooth sofas that he then contrasted with rugs that had navy and green stripes. Talk about an interesting design choice! Plus, he added a beautiful antique English coffee table that is completely offset by Lucite tables that you would never imagine would work so well in this particular setting.

All in all, creating interesting designs using design styles that would not seem to go well together is easier than you think. If the environment is comfortable it’s easy to make it modern. Pay special attention to your bedroom in this handy article  can help you get some ideas. Follow the guidance of these expert designers and you’ll be able to pull it off as well in no time at all.

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