5 Summer At-Home Activities For You and Your Partner

Thanks to the successful vaccine rollouts around the world, we can all finally start to put lockdown activities behind us. However, staycations are far from anything from the past, and we are all forced to think twice about traveling abroad when restrictions and social distancing measures can turn any holiday into a headache. 

However, just because this year you and your other half won’t be able to fly to another country or an exotic destination, it does not mean that there is no way for you to enjoy your holidays.

Here are five at-home activities for you and your partner…that you should consider enjoying with this summer.


AcroYoga, or Acrobatic Yoga, is a great activity to enjoy with your other half, especially if you are both into sports, yoga, and meditation. This activity is not only just as ancient as yoga itself, but it also comes with so many benefits that are difficult to ignore. When practicing Acroyoga, you will be practicing all the basics of yoga, including focus, mind and body connection, grounding, breathing, and mental balance. 

At the same time, you will be practicing with another person, which means that, with practice, you will be strengthening your connection, coordination, and understanding. Get started today with the most accessible poses. 

Online Cooking Classes and Wine Tasting

There is nothing like cooking and sipping wine together to rediscover the love you have for each other. While this year you might not be able to learn about wines from a French Sommelier or about cooking from an Italian chef, there is plenty you can do from your own home – just search for online experiences that you can enjoy with your other half. Make sure you are planning for these experiences in advance and get all the equipment and ingredients you need. 

Board Games

There is nothing like a board game or a game of chess to bring out some healthy competition between you and your partner! Even more importantly, board games can help face-to-face communication without having to resort to digital means, they are perfect for a rainy evening, and they can be played anywhere. Just make sure you have some snacks and drinks to make the most of your evening!

Renovate the house

Renovating the house is one of the most important projects you and your other half will experience as a couple. A house renovation comes with a substantial financial investment, and the stakes are high. Additionally, remodeling comes with stress and disruption to your daily life. However, if you have time at home together, renovating the house can also be a fun, enjoyable activity that brings people closer together. Have a look around your house for work that needs to be done!

Video Games

Videogames are not just for geeks! Everyone can enjoy an evening of playing football or drifting games with their other half – especially if it has been raining or it is too hot to spend time outdoors! Just make sure to couple the game with a takeaway pizza, plenty of snacks, and party food.  

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  • We enjoy cooking together, playing video games or watching our favorite shows.


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