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Choosing ergonomic living room sets

Most people choose their living room furniture by style, fabrics, patterns or colors, and other aesthetic options. When in the throes of shopping for furnishings and décor it is easy to forget the obvious – you are going to have to sit on this furniture. A lot. And so will your guests. Make sure your living room set is comfortable for all with these tips.

Choosing ergonomic living room sets

Narrow seats

A lot of the most stylish sofas and sectionals have very wide seats. While these look great, they don’t allow you to sit with the correct posture. Some people require that extra support at their back while still having their feet on the floor. You may also consider accent chairs with built-in lumbar support.

Cushion firmness

While everyone appreciates some cushion on their seat, that cushion should also be firm enough to offer support when sitting for extended periods of time. Make sure the cushion is of a high-quality foam that won’t break down easily. If your living room set has springs, make sure you allow for their impact on seat firmness as well as seat height.

Seat height

Many people have a hard time rising to their feet from a seated position, particularly when that seat is lower than their knees. When you sit too low, your knees must take more impact and do more of the work of lifting you up. The most comfortable seat height is 18 to 24 inches, although don’t forget to account for the sinking of the cushion when in use.

Reclining features

Do you need (or want) the ability to elevate your seat or recline backward for an afternoon nap? Reclining features are often available online, even as part of a complete living room set. You can get loveseats that recline, sofas or sectionals that recline on the ends or reclining accent chairs. There are also recliners available that will also lift the seat using hydraulics, giving you additional support and independence.

Luxury features for living room sets

Are you looking for additional features that will make yourself comfortable? Look for living room sets that include luxury features, such as:

  • Built-in heat and/or massage
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers for music or to amplify television sound individually
  • Can be integrated with other smart features and devices in your home
  • Built-in cupholders, remote holders, and charge stations, as well as cord management features

If you want the best options in all of your living room furniture choices, turn to the internet for the most options. When you buy your next living room set online, you’ll be able to get luxurious furniture of any fabric and still be able to get the high-tech or high-quality furniture that others enjoy, but you’ll be paying a significantly lower price. You’ll also get free delivery and other discounts when you get your living room set from online furniture stores.

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