Let’s Celebrate: Inspiring Ideas To Help Celebrate Your Marriage Through The Years

Getting married can often be one of the best days of your life. It can be a memory that is etched in your mind. From the moment you said yes to the proposal, the wedding planning madness to the feelings you felt when you walked down the aisle. There is nothing quite like it, and especially the moment where you commit to your partner and you say I do. There is no surprise that so many women feel a little empty once the wedding is over, and wedding blues are genuinely a real thing that people go through. However, while you embark on the rest of your lives, there is always that anniversary to look forward to. But how could you celebrate it? What could you do to record that moment each year? From gifts to pictures suggestions, this article has you covered. Here are some of the inspiring ideas to help you celebrate your marriage through the years.

Signifying the traditional gifts

One of the first things that you can do is signify the traditional gifts. These are specialized gifts throughout the years of marriage, so think about paper for the first year and silver for twenty five years. There are so many different ideas for each of the traditional gifts, including things like diamonds, jewelry, and a print for paper, for example. Gold is one to aim for, being fifty years, so you will want to ensure that you buy the best gift. This is where something unique like a gold rose could be in the cards. Websites such as could be a great idea to look at. These are a wonderful way to signify your marriage and celebrate it and it could give you something to aim for and look back on.

Taking a picture every anniversary of what you do and how you celebrate

A picture can say one thousand words, and so taking a picture memory is great way to celebrate your wedding through the years. It could be the same picture in the same spot, just you both being a year older. It is a lovely way to celebrate, and it could give you some amazing pictures so that you can really see the changes through the years when it comes to your wedding.

Taking a picture in your wedding gear each year

You could take things one step further and look at taking a picture each year but with a difference, by putting back on your wedding suit and wedding dress. Even if at some point they don’t fit, it could be a great and lovely way to celebrate your marriage. Often a suit and a dress is worn once for the big day, so this is a fantastic way to capture your wedding anniversary by revisiting your outfits and taking some great pictures. You could also take picture in different locations to signify what stage in your life you are at, from involving children to showing the house your live in.

Having a vow renewal service

Many people consider doing something special for milestone wedding anniversaries such as ten years, twenty years and so on. Renewing your vows can be a lovely way to commentate the day and strengthen your commitment together. This is when a vow renewal could be on the cards. Many people do things in different ways for this, they either reenact their wedding day to the exact detail, or do something different like make it more intimate and jet away on holiday. Let's Celebrate: Inspiring Ideas To Help Celebrate Your Marriage Through The Years

Do you have a daughter? Get her to try on your dress

An idea that has been doing the rounds on Instagram and also Pinterest is something quite sweet that involves your daughter. If you have a daughter, you could use your wedding dress as a prop to capture some beautiful images. You could do the same for a son in a suit, but it perhaps might not have the same effect. It will, of course, be too big in those early stages, but capturing different ages with your dress can be a lovely keepsake and the perfect images that could be used on her very own wedding day.

Re-take your wedding pictures years later in the same spots

Wedding pictures can often take pride and place in your home. So another way to celebrate your wedding is to retake those pictures in the same spots as you had them done last time, but you as being older. You can choose to do this in your wedding gear, or just get dressed up in other clothes and just capture the pictures. You could even strike the same poses and have them printed up so that you can display them alongside your wedding pictures.

Create a scrapbook documenting each anniversary

Many people love scrapbooking. So you could look at creating. A scrapbook for each wedding anniversary could be a lovely thing to look back on. Use a page for each anniversary and stick things in that is significant to how you celebrated it. It could be a simple train ticket and a menu, with a picture to show you went out. Or some handwritten notes with your feelings and thoughts. In years to come it will be lovely to look back on and show your children and grandchildren.

Re-do the honeymoon years later

Finally, many couples go on honeymoon after the wedding, and it can be one of the most memorable times of your life. So it could be lovely to use your wedding anniversary as a chance to re-do your honeymoon. Going back to the same place, even staying in the same room can be a really romantic thing to do. Some couples don’t get the chance to have a honeymoon, so maybe in a years to come you will be able to afford the holiday that you wished you had taken. Perhaps using a milestone like five or ten years to take that special holiday.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can celebrate your marriage through the years.


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