4 Important Myths on Personal Injury Cases You Should Never Believe

While there is a lot of information about personal injury cases in the movies and on television, not all of it is true. There are a few myths that persist today that can mean some people don’t get the help they need after they are injured due to someone else’s negligence. Below are 4 of the most common myths about personal injury cases and why they aren’t true. Be sure to read on to find out if you need a personal injury attorney.

4 Important Myths on Personal Injury Cases You Should Never Believe

Myth: A Lawyer Isn’t Needed for Personal Injury Cases

While the injured person’s insurance company is going to seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance, this doesn’t mean the injured person shouldn’t hire a lawyer. Insurance companies strive to pay as little as possible, and the injured person’s insurance company is not going to spend a lot of money fighting the other insurance company for a higher settlement. Injured persons can visit websites like ThurswellLaw.com/michigan-auto-accident-lawyer to see the work a personal injury lawyer will do to help them and why it’s important for them to seek this help.

Myth: Personal Injury Cases are Frivolous

Slip and fall accidents are often considered frivolous because it’s difficult to understand how someone could be seriously injured by a fall and how they could fall in a store. However, going through a personal injury case is not an easy way to get money; the person won’t get a ton of money just because they fell. Most personal injury cases involve someone who was actually injured because of someone else’s negligence. With a slip and fall, it might be that there was a clear liquid the person didn’t see while walking, and they broke their arm or hit their head when they fell. This could lead to serious injuries for the injured person, and the medical bills will take up a huge portion of the settlement they get.

Myth: Compensation is Guaranteed

Many people believe their case is open and shut, and that the person who is at fault will have to pay a settlement to them. While the at-fault person might be liable, it can be difficult to prove this, and it can take at least a few months if not a few years for the case to conclude. It can also be difficult to prove exactly how much compensation is needed, which means negotiations can take a lot longer than expected. No case is ever as easy as it might seem and compensation is never guaranteed, no matter how obvious it may seem to those involved.

Myth: Personal Injury Cases Lead to Big Payouts

Big payouts do happen with personal injury cases, but they aren’t as common as they might see. Most cases settle for just a few thousand dollars, and the cases that do lead to more money are based on the severity of the injuries suffered. Around 1/3 of the settlement will often go to the lawyer. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, make sure you learn more about their fee arrangements. Then, a significant amount is used to pay medical

bills and to account for future medical bills the injured person might have. More might be used up to cover the injured person’s lost wages and to purchase things they need while they recover from their injuries.

If you’ve been injured, these myths and the truth behind them can help you know what to expect. Speak with a lawyer today to learn more about your specific case and to get help obtaining the necessary compensation to handle the expenses from your injuries.

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