Wedding Details You Need to be Fully Hands-on

It is not easy planning a wedding alone. You need the help of several people to make your plans come to life. By hiring a quality wedding planner, you can take the burden off your shoulders. Despite having a wedding planner by your side, you still need to be hands-on with some details. It is still your wedding, and you don’t want the planner to take over all aspects of decision making.

Wedding gown

No one else can decide on the details of the wedding dress apart from you. The dress needs to represent you perfectly. There are considerations when buying the dress including the design, fitting, trend, and cost. Despite that, when you try putting it on, you will know if it is the perfect one for you.


You want to play songs that mean a lot to you and your partner. You need to decide on the songs together. Whether the songs are for the ceremony or the reception, you need to be in charge. You don’t want to play songs that you can’t even relate to at your own wedding.

Bridesmaids’ dresses

Bridesmaids dread attending the wedding of a bride who has no sense of fashion. They feel forced to wear something they don’t like. They have no choice because it is not their wedding. The moment that you invite them to be at your wedding and they say yes, they have already submitted themselves to your demands. It includes the kind of dress they will wear. You want them to wear something that matches the theme. You also don’t want them to upstage you. Besides, the people you ask to be bridesmaids are those who are close to your heart. You will know exactly what they want.


You need to attend the food tasting. You might be too busy with a lot of things, but when it is time to try the menu, you need to drop everything and be there. You want to serve dishes that will make your guests happy. At the same time, you want food that you will love eating. It is your big day, and it might be stressful for you. At least you can eat something you like on that day. The food might also account for the most significant share of the expenses. You don’t want to go beyond the budget, so you need to take over the food selection.


You only invite people who are close to you, and who deserve to be there at your wedding. Therefore, it helps if you are in charge of the invitations. There are a lot of ways to express your creativity when inviting people to attend your wedding. You can go old school and use your handwriting for the invitation. It takes time and effort, but it is too personal. You can also use personalised correspondence cards to show that you are sincere in your invitation.

You don’t need to take over all aspects of the wedding, as it could be stressful, but you need to do what matters most.


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