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2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received some items from the brands below, to help facilitate this Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All opinions are those of the authors.

Hello and Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially for the kids (for the young and young at heart).  We’ve gathered together some great finds and hope you like them as much as we do. Check back often as we add to the list.


With Roybi Robot over 500 Lessons (70 Categories) are at your childes fingertips. STEM at it’s finest, teaching languages, math, science, tech, chemistry, & more.

Info from Roybi

ROYBI is the creator of Roybi Robot, an interactive language learning tutor for children ages 3+.
Roybi Robot uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content to children based on their pace and interests. With over 500 lessons, including basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot creates a fun and interactive learning experience for children.
Our mission is to provide a personalized learning experience for every child, highlighting their unique abilities and interests.
We create a strong educational foundation for children during early childhood, putting them on track for a successful future.
Roybi - 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

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First Four Square meets Volley Ball.  Fun, fast paced…can be set up just about anywhere.

Info from CROSSNET

CROSSNET is the world’s first version of volleyball meets four-square.
Athleticism meets patience in this competitive four-way volleyball game played to 11. Challenge your friends any place, any time, and set up within minutes in sand, grass, and dirt.
Look out for our indoor model coming soon.
CROSSNET - 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

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Little Learning Hands

Fun hands on activities for kids (from 6 to 60). Clock Kits and 3-D Puzzles for loads of fun.

Little Learning Hands - 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

Info From Little Learning Hands

REALISTIC APPEARANCE: Build your own France Eiffel Tower replica, achieve a great sense of accomplishment once completed. Makes for a great home, classroom or office decoration.

REALISTIC APPEARANCE: Build your own Earth World Globe replica, achieve a great sense of accomplishment once completed. Makes for a great home, classroom or office decoration

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: Promotes Logical Thinking Skills, Strategic Planning, Visual and Spatial Perception, Hand Eye Coordination, Problem Solving, Memory and Task Completion

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools or glue required | Step by Step instructions provided | Each piece is numbered, and instructions guide assembly order | Made of pre-cut paper and foam board | All pieces interlock precisely | Great for children and adults or for a parent-child or family activity | Recommend for ages 6+ years old

EASY TO CRAFT AND ASSEMBLE CLOCK: perfect CRAFT KIT for kids that combines creativity and educational opportunities! It comes with colorful crystal rhinestone beads and DIY crystal painting tools

HANDS ON LEARNING ACTIVITY – NO TECHNOLOGY: This craft kit promotes problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. You can share the fun of crystal painting with friends and family

GREAT KIDS BEDROOM OR PLAYROOM FUNCTIONAL DECORATION: This assembled clock makes for the perfect decorative and functional clock in any kids room PERFECT GIFT for any child or adult that enjoys arts and crafts activities

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Little Learning Hands: Clock Kits on Amazon | Globe 3-D Puzzle on Amazon | Eiffel Tower Puzzle on Amazon


Blue Marble – National Geographic Toys

Blue Marble™ STEM toys provide hours of fun, and are filled with learning via science, exploration, and discovery. Whether they’re unearthing real fossils, growing crystals, conducting experiments, or making gooey slime, you’re instilling a love of science that will last a lifetime.

Blue Marble / National Geographic - 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS


Info from Blue Marble

Why We’re Called Blue Marble

In 1972, NASA’s Apollo 17 crew captured the first high-resolution photo of the planet from space. Dubbed the “Blue Marble Shot” this iconic image changed the way humans thought about our planet and our place in the world. This awe-inspiring image showed the beauty, fragility, and interconnectedness of the earth, and it reminds us that no matter our differences, we all share a home on this wonderful planet!

For over a decade the team at Blue Marble has been honoring the awesomeness of the earth with inspiring products that provide hands-on experiences with authentic gemstone and fossils from around the world.

Blue Marble was the brainchild of Jordan and Katie Willing. Jordan is an explorer and a lifelong rock hound and Katie is a preschool teacher. For over a decade, they’ve been making inspiring educational toys that have impacted the lives of their children and they hope will impact the lives of yours.

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Blue Marble: Website | Shop on Amazon 


Have a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Universal Monsters fanatic on your list? Maybe you’re looking to pass down your love for collecting to a little one?

BendyFigs are a brand new line of bendable figures that are highly-detailed.  They can be posed, and each figure includes a removable display stand. Measuring approximately 7 inches tall,  you can collect them all!  Star Trek™️, DC BendyFigs™️, Universal Monsters Bendy Figs™️, Lord of the Rings™️, Harry Potter™️

BendyFigs - 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS

Info from BendyFigs

Authentic, intricate figures from your favorite brands come in a unique and flexible form factor. Proudly display each character with the included stand. Bendyfigs™ are fun for kids and a detailed collectible for fans of all ages — they’re Toyllectible™!

The Noble Collection is the first to fall under the new Noble Toys umbrella.

Kids can collect and pose these highly detailed figures for under $14 each. Beginning with more than 70 styles — most of which are out this fall on Amazon, the rest will find themselves in your collection in the spring. Parents can find 7-inch characters from Wizarding World, Universal Monsters, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, DC, and more!

The Noble Collection has been known for its highly detailed movie props and replicas since 1991. BendyFigs launch just in time to be a great stocking stuffer contender or to allow kids to catch Gollum under their tree.

For Age: 7+ / MSRP: $13.97 / Available on Amazon

Learn More and Shop BendyFigs: Website 

The Noble Collection: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#FAILFIX by Moose Toys

A doll you can makeover!

FailFix 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide: For the KIDS


Info from Moose Toys

Become the ultimate #STYLESAVIOR and Take Over the Makeover with FailFix! The FailFix Squad have tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and things didn’t go to plan…now they need your help to fix that beauty fail!

Complete their head-to-toe transformation by revealing their surprise fashion,  transforming their hair and makeup and using the included hair tools and accessories to create the hair look they were trying to achieve!

With 5 different fails to fix, you can help the FailFix squad create the latest on-trend style.

Moose Toys exists to make kids superhappy. For this revolutionary brand happiness lies at the heart of everything we do. With trailblazing toy design, development and manufacturing, no wonder our toys consistently scoop the most longed-for awards. Sprinkling some Moose magic across categories including action figures, collectibles, craft, dolls, games, plush, preschool, vehicles and youth electronics, we’ve earned our stripes as one of the most creative companies in the industry. As an energetic bunch, we’re always on the move, developing groundbreaking content, entertainment and worldwide licensing deals to boot.
This family-run business is proudly built on unshakeable ethical foundations. Our passion for making kids superhappy stretches far beyond our WOW-worthy toys. The Moose Happy Kids Foundation creates moments of happiness and laughter for the children around the world who need it most. We’ve had a BIG impact on little people, making 3.5 million kids smile so far… and counting.
Australia might be our Moose family home, but with a 500-strong team dotted across the world, we’re committed to sharing our signature superhappy revolution far and wide!

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Moose Toys: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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  • These gifts look really fun and educational. I know a couple of young people that would be very happy receiving any of these.

  • Usually I shop year round for clearance and sale items for the holidays, but this year I am completely unprepared.I get useful ideas from these gift guides.

  • Wow, the holidays are almost here. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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