2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

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2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Maya’s Cookies

Roses are red, but cookies are sweet…and Maya’s Cookies can’t be beat! Oh my word, they really are fantastic. I got to try several kinds, and hands down, the Famous “Everything” Cookie is my favorite.  It’s FAMOUS for a reason. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cookie that was as wonderful (and I’m a baker so that’s saying a LOT). The Drunken Grandma (that name cracks me up), was a closer runner up. Purchase specific cookies or collections. There’s even a Cookie Love Club Subscription if you’ve got a hard core sweet tooth.

Maya's Cookies 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide



From Maya’s Cookies

Founded in 2015 by Maya Madsen, Maya’s Cookies is America’s #1 Black-Owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company. As a vegan with a sweet tooth, she had not been able to find that perfectly delicious, soft-baked gourmet vegan cookie, so she spent years crafting her award-winning and crowd-pleasing recipes. From the classic to unique and forward-thinking flavors such as “Chocolate Chip S’mores” and “Marble Fudge”, every flavor has a story grounded in Maya’s travels, memories, and experiences. Alongside providing the highest quality product that appeals to everyone, Maya’s Cookies is committed to superior customer service and community engagement, with a focus on youth and underserved communities. Maya’s Cookies ships nationwide- simply order as a treat for yourself or as a gift.

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I + I™ Botanicals

Face Serum, Dry Oil Body Mist, Bath Tea and more.  Forget the flowers and candy. Get your Valentine (or yourself) some pampering products. Ease the tension, and bring on relaxation. I+I Botanicals’ products are designed to be incorporated into the craziness of every-day life and perfect for wellness and spa-at-home gift ideas!

I + I Botanicals 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

From I + I™ Botanicals

I + I™ Botanicals is a female, black-owned sustainable, organic and vegan beauty line infused with CBD.  Founded by three women seeking to change the way we not only view beauty products, but how we view ourselves.

We create natural, healing products that are good for the body, good for the earth, and good for the soul. Featuring four skin and body care products. These products feature formulations that are Good for the Body, Good for the Earth and Good for the Soul. #onelove

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Steeped Coffee

From Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee is the simplest way to make delicious single serve specialty coffee. Just add hot water—no machines required. Our coffee is direct trade, nitro sealed for freshness, and packaged with all compostable materials.

Steeped Coffee 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Specialty coffee in a single serve Steeped Coffee Bag. Steeped Coffee is the easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes.

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Groovy Girl Gifts

Brought to you by the same great folks behind Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique, and Groovy Guy GiftsGroovy Gifts for Girls is just that! check out a couple of my favorite items: This beautiful watch and fun canvas tote!

Groovy Girl Gifts 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

From Groovy Girl Gifts

This site offers items for any women in your life. From handbags and Apparel, to Jewelry and Watches…thrown in Home and Kitchen goodies and a whole lot more!

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Naked Nutrition

Take their quiz and find out, in just 3 short minutes, which products will work best for YOU. No matter if you are looking to lose weight, get stronger, or feel younger

Naked Nutrition 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying GuideFrom Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition strips away all of the marketing and gimmicks that many companies use today. We sell products with only the purest ingredients.
From Grass-Fed Whey Protein to Pea Protein Powder to Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder, Naked Nutrition provides the purest supplements. Our proteins are loaded with essential amino acids and no artificial sweeteners or colors. Our commitment to offering the best protein powders and supplements extends to all our products including Powdered Peanut Butter, Casein Protein, Creatine Monohydrate and more. No additives means your body gets more of what it needs and not what big agribusinesses use to pad their bottom line. Take your nutrition to the next level with Naked Nutrition.

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Zinda Beauty 2021 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Info from Zinda Beauty

FROM VINYARD TO Uncompromising quality. We source from the finest natural ingredients and practice responsible formulation techniques to honor the integrity of the plant and your skin.

Artisan efficacy. Our products are lovingly hand-mixed and made in small batches, leaving no detail untouched.

Feminine vibrance. We believe in honoring and empowering the feminine expression, in every possible moment.

Continual exploration. We have a deep reverence for place and what is cultivated from that place and sharing it with the world.

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  • These are wonderful gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! I especially love Maya’s Cookies.

  • These are all wonderful gift ideas. I like the Steeped Coffee idea.

  • Great ideas. Steeped Coffee sounds great, I will definitely get them for my boyfriend as he loves coffee a lot. He also loves flavored coffee, which I gave him on his birthday. Thanks for some unique gift suggestions. Keep sharing more.


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