4 Types of People Who Use VPN Services

When you connect to the Internet through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you gain security and privacy. Not only does a VPN encrypt your data, but it also masks your IP address with its own. Of course, an IP address is a unique set of numbers assigned to each device that goes online and can be used to trace you to your home.

Some people mistakenly assume that only spies, hackers, and thieves need VPNs. However, in the digital age, where cybersecurity attacks are commonplace, everyone needs to use one. If you have ever asked yourself: what types of people use a vpn service, and should I have one — then this list is for you:

People Who Consume Entertainment

People who love to consume entertainment on video streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, BBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the like use VPN services to bypass geo-blocks in order to access content only available to certain geographical locations. For instance, people in the United Kingdom can’t watch Hulu videos without a VPN because Hulu only serves Americans.

Remember, free VPNs often struggle to help you consume international content because they usually lack the server capacity to offer fast connections. In addition, a free VPN service doesn’t have the technology to bypass sophisticated geo-blocking protocols used by streaming giants.

People Who Like to Shop

It’s no secret that many shopping deals are only available in certain countries. For instance, an American gamer may find the same video game in certain Asian countries for half the price. To take advantage of such deals, you need a VPN to convince the website that you’re a local buyer.

Likewise, ecommerce platforms like PayPal are not available in many countries. Fortunately, a good VPN can allow anyone from any corner of the world to access PayPal.

People Who Value Their Privacy

Activists, journalists, and others use high-tech VPNs to protect themselves and their sources from malicious actors. A VPN secures their connection and protects their valuable data from threats. A VPN also allows them to consume censored content.

For instance, activists in the Middle East use VPNs to organize protests on banned social media platforms like Twitter or access outlawed communication platforms like WhatsApp, which are encrypted.

Likewise, anyone who values their privacy from thieves, hackers, predators, stalkers, jealous ex-partners can use a VPN to stay safe.

Of course, it’s crucial to pick a VPN company that pledges not to spy on you or log your data. Remember, many free VPNs are notorious for snooping on users and selling their information to others.

Video Gamers

As mentioned earlier, video gamers use VPNs to take advantage of shopping deals and buy licensed software at lower costs. In addition, many gamers use fast VPNs to play with friends in other parts of the world.

For instance, many gamers in Europe use VPNs to enjoy first-person-shooters banned in their countries. VPNs also help gamers stay safe from dangerous trolls who try to dox or swat them.

These are four types of people who use VPN services. If your online security is valuable to you, then you should also consider signing up with a VPN service from a reputable cybersecurity company

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