Three Things To Remember When Eliminating Pests From Your Home

Having a pest problem can be a nuisance, and depending on the type of pest you are dealing with, it can pose a danger or a health risk to your family. Some spread illnesses and germs, while others such as bed bugs can cause sleepless nights. Snakes can be dangerous while birds can be a nuisance. If you sense or have proof of a pest infestation in your home, have an inspection to establish the infestation type and extent. Sometimes, you may have different pests invading in your home. When you call a professional to fumigate, eliminate or remove the pests from your house, here are some of the things to remember.

Eliminating Pests From Your Home

Use Humane Methods

If you request a pigeon removal service provider to deal with a bird problem at your home, as much as you detest the early morning cooing, droppings and mess, you don’t want the birds killed, hurt or maimed. You want to see them moved from your home to a safer place. Ask the service provider the methods they use to drive them away. The same goes for squirrels, snakes and other animals. Don’t kill them but call the right removal services to catch and safely transfer them to a safer habitat.

Animals should be carefully handled and accorded dignity. They too have a right to life, and their only mistake is living in your home. The most practical and safe pest control measure is to deter them from entering your home. Seal all entry points and invest in the right but safe security measures.

Use Eco-friendly Solutions

Chemicals can have adverse effects on your family and pets. Fumigation chemicals can contaminate water, food and surfaces, and when inhaled can lead to health problems. Ask the service provider to use greener options. They might cost more, but they are more environmentally friendly, and your household will be safer. Most fumigation chemicals’ fumes and particles linger around months after the exercise. Also, pets and kids can accidentally ingest chemicals which can be dangerous.

Pest Proof Your Home

After a successful pest elimination service, the next step is pest-proofing your home. Keep your home clean and clutter-free and seal all dustbins and food containers. Most pests will be attracted to your home because they can find food and enough hiding places. Others get into your house because there are easy access points such as cracks and spaces on the windows and doors and openings on the roof. Seal all entry points then carry regular deep cleaning exercises. Ensure all food leftovers are appropriately stored in sealed food containers and the kitchen cleaned before going to sleep.

Keep the lawn and garden neat. Trim the grass, flowers and bushes and get rid of any stagnant water and litter. Use natural pest repellants such as motion-activated sprinklers to scare away squirrels and pigeons or anti roosting spikes. You can also apply a safe pigeon repellent gel on roosting places.

Whatever pest elimination method you choose, make sure it’s safe and effective. Also, remember prevention is far much better and cheaper than elimination. 


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