3 Home Upgrades Worth Every Penny

As any homeowner can attest, a home’s honey-do list seems to grow every year. Brand new appliances, trendy paint schemes and dreams for that guest/craft room are pricey and don’t necessarily increase a home’s value. Intimidated? Here are three home upgrades that are well worth the investment.

3 Home Upgrades Worth Every

Bathroom Remodel
If your bathroom’s tiny vanity and mauve tub are less than inspirational, you should consider a bathroom remodel. While the average cost to remodel a bathroom can run upwards of $11,000, the ROI is about 80 percent, making it one of the best remodeling investments.

To save money on your next bathroom remodel, consider doing it in well-planned stages. Many outdated bathrooms can benefit greatly from a new light fixture and brighter LED bulbs. You can also refinish existing cabinets and replace hardware yourself to keep costs low.

For higher tickets items like the tub/shower combo or new flooring, it’s best to hire a professional and do it all at once. The price tag can be intimidating, but you’ll save on labor costs in the long run. And the peace of mind that the plumbing is done right? Priceless.

Professional Landscape Design
When you moved into your home, you probably inherited a few trees, some patches of dirt with a ripped weed barrier, and bushes that are now in need of a good trimming. And most likely, you promise yourself every year that this will be the year you water your plants more so you actually enjoy spending time in the yard.
Instead of fighting with your existing landscape, one great investment in your home’s value and livability is to hire a landscape architect. A professional landscape architect will design and install an outdoor living space that can add 15 percent to the value of your home. The design will feature properly placed native plants to reduce watering and energy costs, and it will include permeable paving to cut down on water runoff.

So next time your family or neighbors offer to gift you with free shrubs or bulbs from their own yard, think twice. If you wouldn’t pay money for it and it’s not in the original plan, don’t plant it. Go with the professional instead.

Kitchen Update
Older homes often have weird quirks that make them inefficient and unattractive for prospective buyers. For example, kitchens that were built or remodeled in the 1960s may be a cramped space with a dropped ceiling, outdated cabinets and very few outlets.

In terms of return on investment, the trick with good kitchen updates is not to dump half your home’s worth into the kitchen remodel. These days, people expect an open-concept kitchen with modern appliances. If you can achieve both with minor remodeling costing no more than about $15,000, chances are you’ll recoup all of your investment at resale.

To remodel an existing kitchen, first consider hiring a pro to update the electrical wiring, install more outlets, and add task lighting. Then, open up the space with open shelving, a white tiled backsplash, and refinished cabinets in white or gray. You can also upgrade the countertop with a beautiful granite or quartz. Invest in high quality, Energy Star appliance in a stainless steel finish. The end result will wow you.

It’s Worth the Effort & Investment
No matter how expensive it seems, investing in certain home renovations is well worth the money and time involved. A bathroom, kitchen, or landscape remodel are sure to increase the overall value of your home. And you won’t mind living with them, either.

3 Home Upgrades Worth Every Penny

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  1. An investor just bought a condo near me. They redid floors, counters, new appliances, painted, but left the bathroom, and put it up for resale. All the pictures look amazing, but the bathroom is all dowdy pink from the 50s!!!

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