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6 Tips For Buying The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

Looking to get a new sofa for your home? If so, you may be confused as to which one to choose given the plethora of options available in the market. A sofa can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. And given that it is a significant investment, choosing the right sofa becomes even more critical. Below, we look at six things you should look out for when purchasing a sofa.


The first thing to consider is the space of the room in which the sofa will be placed. As such, take a measuring tape and get the room dimensions. And when looking for a sofa, pick those which are not too large that they end up taking a sizeable portion of the room. Not only do the big sofas make the room visually unappealing, but they can also make navigating in the room pretty difficult. And if you are someone who likes to lie down on his sofa, make sure that it is sufficiently long enough for this purpose.  


Next, check the frame of the sofa and make sure that it is not wobbly. Instead, the frame should be strong enough that it can last longer. When it comes to the frame assembly, you will usually have two options – double doweled frame and stapled frame. The double doweled frame assembly is the strongest of the two options and also highly durable. However, they tend to be the most expensive too. In contrast, a stapled frame assembly is cheaper when compared to the previous option. However, they do tend to be less durable than the double doweled frame assembly.  


You also have to decide on the type of cushions you need on the sofa. Down cushions are the most expensive and also offers the highest comfort. These are filled with goose down and can be allergic to those who already have an allergy to feathers. Another option is the low density foam cushions which are the least expensive option. They are extremely soft to touch and are also very likely to flatten when applied pressure. A better option would be a high density foam cushion which offers a firmer sit but is not as expensive as the down cushions.  


In case you are looking to buy a reclining sofa, ensure that you thoroughly check its mechanism. It should function smoothly, and you should not feel any jarring movements. Most stores will give you a demo of the reline, and will also allow you to test it out by lying down on it. So, choosing a good reclining sofa should not be too difficult for you.


The upholstery of the sofa also needs to be decided. In this regard, you will usually be faced with two options – fabric and leather. Fabric upholstery can be made from things like nylon, cotton, linen, and so on. They tend to be very soft. Meanwhile, top grain leather, made from cowhide, is the best quality upholstery for any sofa. And expectedly, they are far more expensive than the simple fabric upholstery. Now, if you do not wish to spend too much money, but yet need the look of top grain leather, then your best option will be to buy a sofa with upholstery made from bonded leather. These have been designed to give off the feel of leather, but have been created by mixing leather with fabrics.  


Another thing to look for is the springs. As far as possible, go with a sofa which has an 8 way tied spring. In case you can’t find those, then look for the serpentine springs which are the next best option. However, it is recommended that you completely stay away from purchasing sofas that have no springs and instead rely on webbing.  

Style & Color

Finally, take into account the style of the sofa. And this will primarily have to do with the way the room looks. There are generally three styles of sofa you can pick from – traditional, modern, and contemporary.  Based on how the overall architectural style of your room is, you can pick up a sofa that matches that style. For example, if your home is styled in a modern way, then you should check out modern sofa beds at Modern Digs instead of any traditional styles. When it comes to color, you will be better off picking something that will be neutral. As such, if you decide to repaint your home or change the wallpaper of the walls, you won’t have trouble in making sure that the sofa blends seamlessly with its background.

So, always have the above tips in mind when selecting a sofa. This will make sure that you only end up picking the perfect sofa for your room, and avoid the low quality ones that may not make your room look good.

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