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Imagine you have to do most of your traveling in short distances but you’re still pressed for time, like say from one end of a huge campus to the other. If you drive to school, it probably wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to bring your bike with you even if it’s to cut down on traveling time. So you just book it from one end to the other lugging heavy texts or expensive equipment that replaces the heavy text and you get to start your next class tired or perturbed. Or, let’s say you do bring a bicycle with you! Hopefully your car can accommodate the rack or maybe you’ve purchased a bike to fit the racks available. Then you lose time trying to find a safe place to put it or even drive it while on campus.

Cruise'n' Town, Just Xootr'n' Around

Worry not, my friends! Xootr is an adult scooter that was designed for ease of use and portability. The Xootr MG is made of solid magnesium, cutting the product weight down to 10 lbs, and the team of engineers made a few slick changes to their pin and place methods- making tucking the scooter away more efficient and (with practice) basically hands-free! Not only is the Xooter highly efficient in space management, this will surely cut down your travel time with their  self-lubricating bearings, making for fast anti-friction wheels.

Check out the Xootr MG specs!

  • Deck (platform): Powder coated solid cast magnesium
  • Anti-slip: CNC machined dots
  • Frame construction: Cast aluminum
  • Wheels: 180 mm diameter, ultra-low-resistance polyurethane tire (black) on die cast aluminum rims
  • Bearings: Shielded, self-lubricating R8ZZ bearings
  • Grips: Black conformal foam (ergonomic, gel padded grips available)
  • Folding mechanism: QuickClick™ Latch
  • Handlebar: TIG-welded 4130 steel
  • Brake: Front brake with BMX-style brake lever. Additional rear brake available.
  • Wheel diameter: 7.1 inches (180 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 28.3 inches (720 mm)
  • Overall length (deployed): 35.4 inches (900 mm)
  • Folded dimensions: 31.1 inches L x 9.4 inches H x 12.6 inches W (at handlebar) (790mm L x 240mm H x 320mm W)
  • Min handlebar height: 25 inches (635 mm) from the deck
  • Max handlebar height: 38 inches (965 mm) from the deck, accomodating adults up to 6′ 7″ (201cm)
  • Max deck width: 7.4 inches (187 mm)
  • Max deck length: 25.0 inches (635 mm)
  • Max rider weight: Over 800 lbs (363 kgs)
  • Weight: 10.9 lbs (4.9 kgs)

About Xootr

Xootr scooters are proudly built and sold by the folks at Xootr LLC. The members of the Xootr team have created products for dozens of great companies including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola. We now focus our energies on designing and manufacturing fun, socially and environmentally friendly products for our own company. Unlike some businesses out there, Xootr actually designs and manufactures the products it sells. There’s no smoke and mirrors here, just a desire to provide the best possible products and service.

The benefits of getting yourself or a loved one a Xooter extends past being practical and can also be as simple as being a fun and nostalgic gift. Now here’s a design of one of our favorite portable transportation that has metamorphosed over the years along with us!

Learn more and connect with Xootr:  Facebook  |  Website Twitter

Cruise’n’ Town, Just Xootr’n’ Around!

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87 thoughts on “Cruise’n’ Town, Just Xootr’n’ Around!

  1. This looks great! We rely too much on cars and it’s wonderful to see other urban commuting options becoming more popular.

  2. What more could you ask for in a scooter, this is awesome. I’d have to fight for my chance with my kids I’m sure.

  3. I am trying to walk more for my resolution this year, and this would help me!! It would at least give me some exercise. I would LOVE to ride this. I am actually going to start school in a couple of months and I am amazed at how lightweight this is! Sounds awesome to me!

    1. The item was definitely as described! It’s lighter than my 3 month old (lol) and is actually super quiet when you’re riding it- I even zipped around in the living and dining room a little bit undetected (sorry Libby!)

  4. I’d love to buy this scooter for my son. I like that it is foldable for storage and the weight limit is generous so he can still use it as he grows.

  5. Oh this is something that I would love to do with our little one. He loves to scooter around the block and down to the park…I would love to scooter right along with him!

  6. This scooter looks wider than the ones my son used o have. He has wide feet and had trouble learning to use it right.

  7. How awesome!! My son and I could scoot together!! We love exploring our town and this would be the perfect way to get around <3

  8. This would be such a blessing. We moved to the country in a super small town where everything is behind a cple years . We have lots of parks and sidewalks. I actually quit driving about 2 years ago bc I started getting panic attacks behind the wheel. My granddaughter who lives too far away has a scooter and I rode it over the summer and the joke was that should be my new car. I’m more than ok with that

  9. Looks pretty fun. I want to get into running a d i think this could be the first step. If I could only win the chase over it with my kids.

  10. I bet this would be a lot of fun at the park. So neat and fun to play all spring and summer long. Stay outdoors and get extra active this year

  11. I love that this is an adult scooter and it can hold 800lbs. My husbands a bigger guy and would love something like this!

  12. This seems like a cool product. I like that it has Anti-slip: CNC machined dots. I like that is has Frame construction: Cast aluminum.

  13. Great looking scooter, and it looks very solidly constructed. I really like how lightweight and compact it is. My nephew would love to have one of these.

  14. My kids would live this scooter and it being foldable would make it easier to take to the park. I live the fact that it has a front brake with a bmx bike style brake handle and a back brake is available.

  15. This looks awesome and I would love to get one for my granddaughter. It looks like a great quality scooter.

  16. This looks like a blast. My ten year old son has been asking for a scooter. I love it has the higher weight limit so it lasts and even his dad and I could take it for a spin.

  17. My granddaughter has wanted one since last summer. I was unsure which one to buy and this review rally helps.

  18. I love the feature that it folds up for easy storage. Great for family camping trips and fun for the whole family.

  19. These look like great fun and very nice with a lot of quality craftsmanship. My nephew would adore these.

  20. This is amazing! I love that it is lightweight and that it folds up. This would make for many fun sunny days!

  21. I would love this for my daughter! She had one when she was little and out grew it. This looks like it’s perfect for adults too!

  22. I have a little boy that would love this, he’s wanting a skateboard. I think this would be a perfect compromise though. I like that it’s lightweight and foldable for easy storage.

  23. My son would absolutely love one of these! It is definitely something that he would have hours of fun playing outside with. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. this comment was for the peach skin sheets giveaway 2017 holiday gift guide, and I was unable to go back and edit my entry, please give me credit. the direct link to the 2017 holiday gift guide was broken.

  24. This sounds like an awesome little scooter! My son would have a blast riding around the neighborhood on this thing. 🙂 Thanks for your review!

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