3 Things to Do Before the End of Summer Hits You

Now that we are starting August, and summer is coming to a close, it is time to make sure you have plans set up for your end of summer to do list.  This could be a number of things whether it be planning that vacation you weren’t able to take during summer, getting ready for the kids to go back to school or that new furniture for your home.  End of the summer is the time to do these things before the weather changes or you are back in the throws of the kids’ school schedules and possibly nasty weather.

3 Things to Do Before the End of Summer

3 Things to Do Before the End of Summer Hits You

Book a Trip with Santa Barbara Travel before the end of Summer

If you are someone that loves to travel why not check out the Christmas themed cruises that are available on Santa Barbara Travel.  Right now they have plenty of awesome destinations, and savings to book that trip you have been wanting to go on, but haven’t had the time.  You will find that you can experience an Iconic Christmas Markets with a  7-night cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest or reverse for under $3k per person, or possibly you might rather go to Christmas on the Rhine with a 7-night cruise from Amsterdam to Basel or reverse. These are just two options among many on their website. Many hotels have recently had new construction done on their buildings by places like BCI Worldwide and others.  So you are sure to find the perfect vacation spot and enjoy all of the beautiful accommodations.

3 Things to Do Before the End of Summer Hits You

Possibly Your Idea of End of Summer is New Furniture

You might find this year isn’t the year to go away.  Well purchasing new furniture can be the type of vacation a person needs from their ‘old’ furniture.  Also, you will use it every day.  Finding the right furniture is always important with where you are in your life.  If you are just having kids, or have a lot of pets you might find that now isn’t the time to buy the ‘nicest furniture’ on the market.  But if you are in the time of your life that the kids are all grown, and it is just you and your significant other, SunPan has so many different beautiful pieces that will compliment any decor.  I found exactly what I would purchase to redo our living room once it is just my husband and myself again.

3 Things to Do Before the End of Summer Hits You

Make Sure You Have All of the Kids School Supplies Ready During the end of Summer Sales

Right now depending on where you live kids have already headed back to school or will be soon.  This is when you want to make sure you take advantage of the sales that many stores online and off are having for Back to School. What I love about these sales is stocking up on glue, crayons, folders, and notebooks and paper.  Then when you hit the mid-year time you can refresh their school supplies without the higher cost.

What things do you want to get done before the end of summer? Right now I am visiting my daughter in New York state which is a great break from our weather in Louisiana.  I hope you enjoy the end of your summer!

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