July Trip to Niagara Falls Canada

Until now, I’ve only been to Niagara Falls Canada in the dead of Winter. It is eerily beautiful at that time of year, and guess what…NO TOURISTS.  But, I had the opportunity to go last month with some very special people in my life and we had a wonderful day at  Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls Canada.

July Trip to Niagara Falls Canada

The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative.  It was a cool overcast day, with a lovely breeze (a wonderful break from the high 90’s, every day in the deep south). Although there were a lot of visitors, it didn’t feel c crowded.  We lucked out and were one of the last cars to get into the main parking lot. Since we will be going back next month and possibly early in October, I opted for purchasing a yearly parking pass which is a huge savings.

After a pit stop for the 6 year old, we got tickets for Niagara’s Fury – her favorite activity at the falls:

Discover the ancient story of Niagara Falls in 4D and re-live the exciting experience in this 360 degree multi-sensory theatre.

Water will bubble and spray as you travel down river, while snow falls all around simulating the last Ice Age. The moving platform beneath your feet will help you understand the power of nature as you’re surrounded by stunning visuals of the mighty Niagara River.

This family-friendly attraction provides a great introduction to your Niagara Falls adventure.

We checked out the falls for a shot time, and then we got some lunch at The Elements of the Falls Restaurant – great food and gorgeous views! After filling out bellies my grandson, Corey, and my dear friend, Sharyl (who Just happens to be the most awesome veterinarian in the US of A) headed over to schedule their rides on the MistRider Zipline to the Falls.

July Trip to Niagara Falls Canada



We saw the wonder, beauty and power of nature, shopped, ate and enjoyed each others company.  I look forward to doing it again in February…Sharly, you better put in on your calendar NOW!

July Trip to Niagara Falls Canada

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