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Floors are meant to be cleaned, of that there’s no doubt, yet it doesn’t have to feel like a comprehensive gym workout, and with some hard floors, you can expect to lose a few pounds if you tackle the job with a mop and bucket, which are the traditional tools for such a task. Cleaning hard floors requires a very different approach to carpets, and there are specific floor cleaning solutions that, when mixed with warm water, will cut through grease and ground-in dirt. Here are a few ideas to make floor cleaning a breeze.

Clan Any Type of Floor

The Squeegee – Window cleaners use small squeegees very effectively, and there are larger units that can be pushed along the floor like a broom. Admittedly, it takes some skill to work a floor squeegee, but they are very handy to have around, as they can clean up a spillage in a second. If the washing machine should malfunction and send water cascading over the kitchen floor, the squeegee is the perfect tool, so keep one in the closet for emergencies.

Industrial-Grade Hard Floor Cleaning Machine – This is the best way to ensure spotless floors without having to exert any energy, and a quick look at the top of the range Powerglide hard floor washer and cleaner will make you realize that this really is a great piece of equipment to own. The machine can use any brand of floor cleaner, and here’s the great thing: it offers cordless use, as the lithium battery can easily be removed for quick charging. This machine cleans and polishes and works great on any hard floor surface, and will last for many years.

Robotic Vacuum - Clean Any Type Of Floor

Lemon – Adding 3 or 4 squeezed lemons to your mop water will really freshen up the room, not only that, acidic lemon will cut through grease and ground-in dirt. This is a trick that hotel floor cleaners have used for many years, and it is a very effective way to freshen up a room or corridor. Using natural lemon juice is much preferred to anything artificial, as the results are not as impressive with a synthetic lemon product.

Bleach And Warm Water – If you do have to resort to a mop and bucket and the floor is very dirty, simply mix some bleach with 7 liters of warm water and use this when mopping the floor. Hot water would be more effective at removing grease, but it could damage the floor, so stick to warm water. For a few more cleaning tips to help you keep your home looking its very best, a quick search on Google should lead you to related articles.

If you have quite a few hard floors in your home, investing in a top of the range hard floor cleaner is the ultimate way to have shiny, clean floors without ever having to work up a sweat! The machine does all the work, while you just stand there, as the twin heads rotate, and with the ability to use any cleaning solution, plus it can both wash and polish.

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4 Easy Ways To Clean Any Type Of Floor

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