How To Bring The Natural World Indoors

There are many great reasons why you might want to bring some of the natural world indoors into your home. To begin with, this is a fantastic way to feel more as though you are in connection with the natural world, which has its own particular benefits of many kinds. Moreover, when you have lots of nature in your home, it makes for a beautiful aesthetic, and it tends to provide a calming effect as well.

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Whatever your own reasons, when you want to bring the natural world into your home, there are plenty of ways to do it. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective of these that you might want to consider.

Bring The Natural World Indoors

Let The Sun Shine

One of the most basic and effective ways to bring the natural world indoors is to allow for plenty of natural light. When you have a lot of natural light, it has a way of making the whole place feel much more natural, and you also get the benefit of having an open and airy feel to the place too. What’s more, you are going to save money on lighting costs this way, so it’s definitely something with multiple benefits.

To allow more sun into your home, you have a few options. First of all, you might want to think about removing curtains or blinds altogether, or at least installing those which let through more light. Secondly, consider installing a new window on perhaps a south-east facing wall, if you are able to do that. If you are building your home as new, then you can of course make sure of this from the start.

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However you do it, getting more sunlight into the home is always a good idea, so be sure to consider doing that when you are trying to make your home feel more natural.

Bring In Some Plants

Next up, the next easiest way to bring the natural world indoors is to quite literally just bring some plants inside. As you know, there are certain plants which are specifically houseplants, in that they are particularly well-suited to be grown and kept indoors. You should aim to make use of these in particular, as they are going to be easier to care for and less likely to suffer being indoors.

A good example of the kind of plant you might want to include in your home is the alocasia frydek, which is one of the world’s most recognizable and most-loved houseplants. Caring for it is relatively straightforward – learn more here about how to do it – and you are going to find that it looks amazing no matter where in the home you place it.

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Similarly, you might want to have different kinds of plants like begonia, aloe vera, and a range of succulents and even small cacti. All of these are going to help with the natural feel, and especially if you have a wide range of plants and not just one or two types in the home.

Mount Some Nature Scenes On The Wall

You can also bring in nature in a slightly more artificial way by mounting some artwork and photography which relates to the natural world in some way. This can be nature scenes which are photorealistic, or they could be artistic impressions of natural scenes, but in either case you are going to find that it is a great way to make your home feel so much more natural in general. Although it’s not quite the same as having actual plants in the house, the combination of that and this can provide a great effect on the whole.

Get A Natural-Light Lamp

If you have never seen a natural-light lamp before, they are really amazing things that you might want to consider making use of. They are frequently used by people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, but they can also be useful for anyone who just wants their home to look and feel more natural. This is especially worthwhile if you are in a position where it’s hard to get lots of natural lighting, so it’s something that you are going to want to consider for smaller homes and homes in slightly off positions with relation to the sun.

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Use Natural Materials

If you have the opportunity to build your home, then you are going to want to consider using natural materials for the actual construction of the building. If you use plenty of wood, for instance, that has a great way of making the home so much more natural-looking, so it’s something that you are definitely going to want to think about as much as you can.

Even if you don’t have the chance to build a home from scratch, you can choose furniture which is made of natural materials, and especially items where the natural wood is on display rather than hidden. Ideally, it will be unpainted, and you can just let the bare wood show itself off in this way. Using natural materials like this is a great way to bring the natural world indoors to your home.

Blur The Boundary Between Home & Garden

If you have a garden, then you might want to think about blurring the boundary between the interior of the house and that garden space. Rather than having a harsh or sudden divide between them, if you can make it a bit more of a gentle glide, then you are going to find that it really helps to make the home feel more like the outside. You can achieve this, for instance, by increasing the amount of flora there is in the home right before you reach the garden. Alternatively, you might decide to make use of a conservatory or similar in-between space to achieve a similar effect.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways of bringing the natural world indoors, so it’s definitely worth thinking about these and doing all you can to make them more successful in your own home.

How To Bring The Natural World Indoors

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